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Things do not change; we change, 

-Henry David Tfcreau 

The Sophomore 

On. April 4, 2.006, at* our first* BMHS 

dance, memories were made. All 
dressed up, we headed to the Edllerica 
Lodge of Elks, where we ate, danced, 
and had a great* time with all our 


Ryan Nickerson 
& Katie Croke 

& date 

Above: Steph Rizarri, Erin McDowell, Michael Canty, Nicole Perkins, Jackie Decowski, 
accompanied by dates 

Our first prom together as a class was memorable to say the 
least. Though we might not have all fit on the dance floor, we 
didn't let that stop us. Slow songs and fast songs, Sandstorm and 
Cha Cha Slide. Teachers getting on the dance floor and showing 
us their moves. Junior prom was a good time on a great night. 

Geoff Cedrone and date Alisha Bums, Amanda Gillis, 

and Jamie Breingan 

ustin Mancini and Lizelle Comfort R y an Hamilton and Melissa Govertsen Sean Doughe rty, Yasser El-Hamawy. and Kevin Hughes 

Pep Rally 

Each fall, we gather in the 
gym to show off our school 
spirit at the Pep Rally. The 
classes cheer and chant and 
see who can be the loudest. 
Coach Flynn pumps us up 
with his inspirational speech 
and gets everyone ready for 
the Thanksgiving game 



The annual 
Thanksgiving Day 
Game turned out 
to be victorious for 
Billerica Memorial 
High School. This 
year's team was 

both strong 
physically and 
mentally. Every 
player contributed 
in every way. 
Seniors worked 
harder then ever 
and underclassmen 
certainly stepped 
up. This victory 

added to a 
successful season. 
The football team 
made BMHS proud 
in 2009. 


Nick Laspada 

Carmant and Laspada help Holland off the field 


if we don't change, we don't grow 
if we don't grow, we aren't really living 

-Gail Sfeefiy 


Sean E. Allen Matthew Allendorf 

1 5 Lupine Lane 
Activities: Soccer 1-4; Indoor 
Track 1-3; Lacrosse 1-2; Tennis 3; 
Mock Trial 4 

Memories: Great times hanging out 
with the BOB in the mancave. 
Everyone remember.. ."AP kids 
don't do that!" And I almost 
forgot... Back-to-back MVC 
Championships for soccer 

Patrick T. Aker 


37 Woodawn Avenue 
Activities: Soccer 1-4; Wrestling 1-4; 
Baseball I; Homeroom Rep I 
Memories: Ms. Luz's amazing goat 
noise freshman year. Early Saturday 
mornings with the wrestling team. 
Good times junior year Mr. Carey's D- 
block. Pang Yang chicken with the 
boys, and pasta partys with the soccer 

Aviya M.Alten Flagg 

4 Albion Road 

Activites: Winter Track 1-3; Spring 
Track 1-4; National Honor Society 3-4 
Memories: EF Tours with Jodi, Randi, 
and Amanda. Practices in the 
Dungeon, throw-offs in the snow and 
MacDonalds every day in the middle of 
practice. Halloween 08 at Brenda's. 
German exchange/ hanging out with 
Lizelle and the Germans. Renaming 
Jess, Jt. To my friends and family, 
thank you for everything. 

Robert P. Aquino 


31 Maplewood Avenue 
Activities: Football 1; Lacrosse 1; 
Volleyball 2; Soccer 2-3; Indoor 
Track 1-4; Outdoor Track 3-4 
Memories: Saturday dunks' after 
practice, daily poptarts in homeroom, 
endless monopoly games with ryan 
and jarrett, kidnapping connor 
johnson randomly, seniors 2010! For 
the most part... 

Connor J. Arsenault 

10 Kensington Drive 
Activities: Football 1; Lacrosse 1-2 
Memories: China 08! Trips to 
Annas. Celtics Finals Games. Little 
Hoops at the Kennedy. Amsterdam 
10. Good Times in the East with 
some good people. Summer 09. 

Michael K. Allan 

Danger Mike 

Activities: DECA; Lacrosse 
Memories: How about that ride in... 
I guess that's why they call it sin city 
ha ha. B.O.B for life #1 with the SOB 1 

story a close second. Man cave, Deca;> 
3 solid years, business lab, UNE here 
I come. Yours truly Danger Mike. 

Danny Alvarez 


Class of 2010 

Jordan N. Balboni 


1 5 Colonial Drive 

Memories: My crazy ladies, the porch 
crew, we had ourselves some nights. 
bbb<3onelovealways. Fari baby we 
made it<3 Dada all the wie that brought 
all the laughs. MJC my best. Everyone 
knows who the real WILD ones are... 
haha boy did we earn it though. 

James R. Barry 


9 Bayberry Lane 

Activities: Golf 1-2; Volleyball 1-4; 
Band 3-4; Science League 3-4 
Memories: Great times with Mr. 
Infanger talking about food and 
everything not German related. 
Undefeated in Marching band, drum 
line was awesome. Playing on the 
Volleyball team. Lots of good times. 
Winter Percussion. Mr. Walsh is the 

Victoria R. Bennett 


34 Brandon Street 
Activities: Orchestra 1-4; Future 
Teachers 2-4; Chorus 3; Vocal 
Ensemble 4; Yearbook Staff 4; 
A Capella4 

Memories: I) block, the folder! Good 
limes («• MB44. Word ol'lhc day. 
Being in the 1st I5MIIS A Capella 
group "The Poparazzi". Amazing 
time at semi and proms' Internships 
@ Parker School. Unforgettable 
memories with friends, love you 
yuys, you know who you are!<3 

Ashley M. Barrett 

12 Doe Drive 

Activities: Gymnastics 1-4; 
Volleyball 1-2; Yearbook 4; Amnesty 
International 3; National Honor Society 
3-4; Peer Leader 3; Lacrosse 2, manager 
Memories: The crew hanging out in 
Mancave & Donny's basement, bowling, 
the girls, Team Trixie Team Helen, 
Prom, short B.U.S, Bahamas, Spain 
ATOCHA! Gymnasty, Summer 09 beach 
trips, SC, WAIT... WHAT? "AP kids 
don't do that" My 3351 homeroom boys. 
Thanks to my family<3 

Bryanna R. Bertrand 


4 Riverhursl Road, Apt. 526 
Activities: A Capella 4; Musical 2-4; 
Ensemble 4; Chorus 2-4 
Memories: In the woods with my best 
friend, Dnelle and Jackie. All the fun 
times with the musical keds. Jess B in 
Spanish class sophomore year, "When I 
come up mi the spol Hive Bice". 

Derek Bandouveres 

Andrew W. Beckford 


37 Chatham Road 
Activities: Football 1-3 
Memories: EB all day. Traveling with 
Mrs. Bishop 


Class of 2010 

Nikki H. Billiri 

7 Andover Road 
Activities: Orchestra 1-4; Cross 
Country 3-4; National Honor Society 3- 
4; Science League 3-4; Amnesty 
International 3-4 

Memories: Smiley. Milky (kudos 
bars), lunch time debates. Maria's 
favorite time of the day. anti prom, 
Greece, cmak, 2nd violins, orchestra 
with, OFC, *Gel tallies*, physics, bird 
stories, movie days/nights, card 
making, best friends, Jenny, Mine. Bo, 
Study :) 

Amanda Bisbee 

Christian T.M. Blake 


5 Norman Road 

Activities: National Honor Society 4; 
GSA 1-4; Ensemble 2-4; Drama 
Club 1-4; Chorus 1,3,4; Mock Trial 4; 
JSA 1,2.4; A V Club 1 
Memories: Tartaglia! The amazing 
people i will forever love in drama! 
The amazing homeroom conversations! 
Mme. Bojarski's G blck freshman year! 
Ensemble was the best class ever! 

Rodyl Blanc 

Wayne R. Bolz 


5 Bernard Street 

Activities: Football 1-4; Hockey 1-4; 
Baseball 1-4: DEC A 4 
Memories: Sick times chillen with the 
boys, hangin in my screen porch, Lake 
Side Loung visits, those late night trips 
to Simards, winning the MVC's, Mini 
Monday's, never forget Flow 
dodgeball. love and will never forget 
you Betsy. Yeaaaaa Dutesss. 

Maria R. Bonfiglio 

Activities: Future Teachers 1-4; 
Spanish-Italian Club 1-3; Book Club 
3-4; National Honor Society 3-4; Peer 
Leader 3-4; Yearbook 4 
Memories: Friday nights. Hanging 
out in the mornings. Sophomore year 
lunch. Sweet Sixteens. Karaoke 
parties. Disney World Junior year. 
Driving Monster to school. Ice- 
skating. Plus so many more good 
times over the past four years! 

Jennifer Bossi 

Amy Boucher 


Class of 2010 

Joseph D. Bower 


3] Woodbury Road 

Activities: Basketball 2; Mock Trial 4 
Memories: Fun times in Homeroom. 
Great Lunches. Fun weekends with 
friends. Mr. Lordan's D Block 
American Legal. Great memories in 

Rebecca J. Brajak 


25 Horman Road 
Activities: Volleyball 1-4; 
Gymnastics 1-2; Track 1-4; 
Peer Leader 2-3; National Honor 
Society 3-4; DECA 3-4 
Memories: Goofing off in World of 
Foods-Me, Kyle Dolber, and Shaw 
Strazz. The three Gingers-Meg K, 
Shaw Strazz, and me. Spain '09 - 
completely unforgettable. And 
sticking with my best friend since 
Kindergarten Christina R - 1 Love 
You very much Girlie! 

Jaime L. Breingan 


7 Cynthia Road 

Memories: Homeroom 3349<3; 

chaotic 4 years, good luck everyone 

Andrea M. Bozza 


6 Adams Street 

Activities: Soccer 1-3; Basketball 1-4; 
Lacrosse 1-4; National Honor Society 
3-4; Peer Leader 3; Yearbook 4; 
DECA 3-4 

Memories: Always good times with 
the Girls and Guys. Stina, pancakes 
crackerjacks; have any ones? Mancave. 
DECA. LordDadams. T.S. BBall and 
lax girls <3 SC. crazy Italian Crew. 
Summers. HR 3349 group. <3Mom, 
Dad. Mike, thanks for everything! 
AJ.BigSis every weekend! 

Jessica Brevilia 

Activities: Yearbook 4 
Memories: English with a-biz mrs.p 
spanish with bre-bree! And everyday 
with big al , meg and our weekly trips 
to newmarket, TU PAPPIN! That baby 
definitely has something wrong with it! 
Love you girls jam forever 

Alyson M. Brooks 


12 Simonds Farm Road 
Activities: Volleyball 1-4; Basketball 
1-4; Softball 1-4; National Honor 
Society 3-4 

Memories: Ap chem. with Mr. C, anti- 
prom at Harvard Square with Nikki and 
Jenn, Football games with Nicole and 
of course the pasta parties! Dancing on 
the bus after a win was fun even though 
it was embarrassing. To the v-ball 
team: lady bugs and to Jenn: spleen and 
p l ights 

Alexandria M. Brown 


24 Acre Road 

Activities: Softball 1 ; DECA 4 
Memories: Adventure night. New 
Years at Kim's. Kristin's parties. 
Adina's xmas party. Semi and Proms 
with Dylan M. HR 3349. HFC with 
AmandaJ and AshlcyS. Feb09, 
AprilOX. Meow. BCF 
family.KristinM bestfriend forever. 

Thomas H. Brown 

Memories: "Blame it or praise it, there 
is no denying the wild horse in us". 
Surviving 4 years of BMI IS with my 
bcsl friends. Epic warfare improv. Love 
links. Ian i|iioics. Creepin' at lunch. The 
Marauder's Map. France. Jam sessions. 
Charlton. "AP kids don'l do that". 


Class of 2010 

Lindsey A. Bullen 


239 River Street Ext. 
Activities: Fall Cheering 1-2; Winter 
Cheering I; Spring Traek 1-4; Winter 
Track 3; National Honor Society 3-4; 
Peer Leader 3; Mock Trial 4 
Memories: Hunting critters & eating 
ponies w/ the throwers. Coaching & 
Disney w/ Chels. Making Quez laugh 
in HR. Adventures w/ Caitlin, her 
parking, & our mission to get Michael. 
Tommy's beautiful faces. Dreamy 
points w/ Caitlin & Sarah. XMHS."AP 
kids don't do that" 

Ryan W. Burke 

3 1 Whipple Road 
Memories: Rugged nights at Cally 
Cool's. Endless laughs with Patrick, 
Watching Clyde hog the 
Xbox.Crusin' down the street 
bumpin' Tunes with Clyde and 
making our own lyrics. Deb 
stomping the McNeill Home. 

Ryan T. Burke 


4 Riverhurst Road 

Activities: Soccer 1-4; National Honor 
Society 3-4 

Memories: Stacking books in Mrs 
Foley's bio. Breaking my wrist in gym. 
Nose game at lunch. Bruins games with 
the boys. 

Chelsey M. Burnham 

6 Harnden Road 
Memories: Goodtimes with the 
girls !<3 tag team, the bus with Lish 
and Creepa, H.R. with the best 
teacher ever.. Quez! Mr. Carey's 
class, 12/10, and all the althoughs i 
could ever count. 

Alishia A. Burns 


22 Grove Street 

Memories: Good times with the girls! 
<3 team spandex; sexy never left! *tag 
team* the bus with chels and creepa. 
homeroom w/ Quez! maverick&goose! 
"keep breathing" morning lockers spot! 
(: so many more! 

Sarah M. Burns 


12Nolte Road 
Activities: GSA 1-4 
Memories: Corduroy giraffes. 
Chizza Night at Ced's house. 
Vegetarian club, Forcing vegan 
foods on innocent students. Harry 
Potter movie night, and all the 
dorkiness that surrounds it. The 
Anti-Twilight Committee. Kitteh! 
Stir Fry-days. Boris and Eugene! 

Jodi A. Cailler 

Cho Cho 

44 Letchworth Avenue 
Activities: Winter Track 2-3; Softball 
1-2; Spring Track 3-4; Yearbook Staff 4; 
Peer Leader 3 

Memories: Goodtimes with my 
throwers, "why does it take you 30 
minutes to get from the high school to the 
marshall everyday?" EF trips to Italy and 
Greece. Making movies for OG. 
Homeroom with Quez... and making her 
laugh everyday. Being from Japan with 
Jurie. Tent parties and mornings with my 
girls, "todays the day". 

Daniel A. Caliendo 


4 Simonds Farm Road 
Activities: Lacrosse 1-2; 
Hockey 1-4; DEC A 
Memories: Kick-ups in the 
locker room before practice, 
"Cause I'm on the Hockey team, 
that's why" DECA States, my 
cube, all my awesome teachers 
over the years, and all the 
unforgettable memories with my 




Marissa A.Canfield 

16 Springwell Road 
Activities: Basketball L; Soccer 1-4; 
Winter Track 2-4; Lacrosse 1-4; 
Peer Leader 3; DEC A 4 
Memories: Great times in HR with 
QUEZ! Car rides in the morning with 
Jen. BCF Family Love. Good times 
with freshman bball girls and coach 
Mckay! Good times with my soccer, 
lax. track girls! 

Michaela J. Capalino 

26 Alpine Street 

Memories: Girls we had us the best of 
times, BBB one love forever! The 
porch crew were still at it. Jnb my best. 
nicholas<3always and we all know who 
the real wild girls are..haha! 

Timothy Canniff 

Ryan O. Cantalupo 

Memories: Brick Attack; RogBob, 
RogBob II: Return of RogBob; Johnny 
Threshold and Bobby the Outlet; 
"Kara, why hello! You're in my Italian 
class!" The circular motion addict; My 
first marriage. "Good news and a bad 
horse makes for a great day and a bad 

Michael Canty 

John P. Capodilupo 

16 Spaulding Lane 
Activities: Mock Trial 1-4; Spanish 
Club 1-4; Environmental Club 1 
Memories: Fun times in library w/ 
friends. Taking my favorite 45 minute 
naps. Zurich! Great lessons in Mr. 
Caldwell's class. Sitting in community 
service w/ Ala & Emily. My first Mock 
trial and forgetting my lines. Great 
conversations with Mrs. B. Crazy 4 
years that I'll never forget, & 
nicanacapoo land 

Jennifer A. Carew 


1 1 Thoreau Street 

Activities: Peer Leader 3-4; Homeroom 
Rep 3-4; Mock Trial 3-4; Basketball 1 ; 
Winter Track 2; Lacrosse I -4 
Memories: Goofing off in Caliri's Bio 
class w/ Brigid & Nicole, morning sit- 
down spot w/ everyone, breaking 
Marissa's locker on the first day freshmen 
year, locker always getting jammed, New 
Zealand Australia <t Hawaii trip, 
Lacrosse practices/games, IIR w/ 
Quesnel, O'Brien, & Frasier, Anytime w/ 
my friends. 

James Carfagno 


Class of 2010 

Clyde Carmant 

Jake D. Carmichael 

Juke Side 

41 Maplewood Avenue 
Activities: Cross Country 1-4; 
Basketball 1 ,3-4; Winter Track 2; 
Spring Track 2; Homeroom Rep 1 ; 
DECA 4; Mock Trial 4; Newspaper 2 
Memories: 2006 Cross Country 
MVC champs. Homeroom with 
Clyde and Clayton, pasta parties, 
River Pines Crew, same shirt kid at 
lunch, and driving around pointlessly 
with Gosia 

Nicollette L. Carter 

69 Treble Cove Road 
Activities: Mock Trial 1 ; Drama 
Club 2,4 

Memories: UN lunches, fun times at 
drama club and musical! List of 
Insanity!! Karaoke parties! 

Clayton Castellanos 


15 Castlewood Drive 

Activities: JSA 1,4 

Memories: Being "That Guy" with 

everyone all the time, and if you got 

my humor throughout the years, 


James Cataldo 

Geoffrey L. Cedrone 


3 Warren Street 
Activities: Football 1-3 
Memories: Crazy nights in Big Joe 
Man's car. Football games with Big 
Joe Man, Ozo, Franchi, Jon Jon, Bill, 
Kory, and Tyler. Hockey games and 
Lax games. Beating Chelmsford!!! 

Romeo Cedrone 

Roman Candle 
7 Adams Street 
Activities: Football 1-2 
Memories: Fun times with friends. 
Good times in Mr. Chic's class. 

Meaghan C. Chait 


10 Kenwood Street 
Memories: Best times with the 
crew, Mrs.G, parties and 
sleepovers, Supah, prom, cold 
football games and of 
course. .Yasser's basement. 


Class of 2010 

Daniel A. Chase 

Dan Chose 
44 Shawsheen Road 
Activities: Football 1-4; Orchestra I 
Memories: Had the time of my life 
playing football with some of the 
igreatest friends I could ever have. 

Christopher Clark 

Anna L. Clifford 

3 Dorsett Avenue 
Activities: Orchestra 
Diving 4. 

-4; Swimming & 

Jessica L. Chirichetti 


21 Heritage Road 
Activities: Soccer 1-4; Track 1-4; 
Basketball 1-2; National Honor Society 
3-4; Amnesty International 2-4 
Memories: Amazing times. Soccer 
girls, ily! Pasta parties, scavenger hunt 
champs, Andover WHO?! Summer 08' 
& 09" unforgettable. Roma 09' 
w/Madamn. Obsession with Cowen. 
Clueless in AP Chem. Ginger love. 
Mr.Carey's A-Block. Friends couldn't 
have made it w/out you. 

Stephanie T. Cloutier 


4 Sesame Street 

Activities: Swimming & Diving 1-4; 
Indoor Track 1-4; Tennis 1-4; Peer 
Leader 3-4; National Honor Society 3-4 
Memories: eliteS; bread is so good, 
incubus, ryan g, anthony palooza, 
scavenger hunts, friday night adventures, 
val's stories, the huddle, sectionals, 
states, tennis; we're mint! buddy! 3-time 
MVC champs, d block Spanish w/ mrs. P 
& e block history w/ mr. carey. 

Alex Coates 

Anna Colanton 

Derek J. Cole 

117 High St. 

Activities: Wrestling 1-4; Baseball 1-4; 
Football I 

Memories: Great limes w/ wrestling 
boys. Playing baseball, the game thai 
I've loved since I was a little kid. I will 
always remember my HR, the great 
limes we would have every day. 4 years 
flew by, ['ve had a blast through 4 
years at BMHS. Gonna miss everybody 
but we'll all see each other again. Go 

class ol 2010' 


Class of 2010 

Robert J. Cole 


1 17 High Street 

Activities: Baseball 1-4; Football 1; 
Wrestling 1-4; National Honor Society 
3-4; Homeroom Rep 1 -4 
Memories: Sharing stories with 
homeroom. Hanging out with the 
wrestling team and going out to eat on 
Saturday nights. Making funny videos 
forenglish. Spanish fiestas!! Turning 
green head to toe for spirit week. 
Shirtless during Thanksgiving football 
game. Gotta love the calzones and 
chicken patties! Enjoy the four years. 
They go by fast! 

Lizelle M. Comfort 

6 Stonehedge Circle 
Activities: Amnesty 2-4; National 
Honor Society, Pres 3-4 
Memories: HR stories, Brenda 
running over Lauren, Spanish, 90s 
Gold, AP kids don't do that!, tent 
parties w/ Dave & Yaal, renaming 
Jessica T "JT", Secret Santa, Spanish 
exchange 07& China 09, Germans w/ 
Aviya & T Conn, popolo w/ Sean, 
trivia w/ Zach Lauren & Jessica , 
Disney nights, dance parties 

Theresa L. Conn 

8 Burlington Road 

Activities: Amnesty International 2-4; 
Future Teachers 3; Peer Leader 3; 
Mock Trial 4; National Honor 
Society 4 

Memories: Lunch Club, 3346, Hippie 
Haus, G Block French, Santarpios, 
Pinewoods, Munroe, Dadams, 
Banditos, France, Batman, Killah. 
Walden, Alive with the Glory of Love, 
Tilt'n Diner, Bonfires, Florida, 
Germany. Everything Changes; e'est 
pas grave. 

Derek A. Copson 


38 Rosewood Avenue 
Activities: Hockey 1-4; Football I; 
Baseball 1 ; Mock Trial 4. 
Memories: Pasta parties with the 
hockey team; Mini mondays; 
Finding my Angel; Props in A- 
block acting; Working at MB44; 
Dodgeball in Boston; Flow; Dying 
my hair orange for the hockey 
team; Driving my 1988 Nissan 
Maxima; Playing puck on the 

Matthew Corcoran 

Evan J. Corliss 


29 Lindsay Road 

Activities: Amnesty International 2-4; 
JSA 1-2,4 

Memories: Adrianna n' Randi, We 
owned that back table! Skatin', 
snowboardin', hanging with the buds 
after school. Good times? I think so. 
See ya'll at the reunion. 

Joseph Costa 


Class of 2010 

Zachary L. Creeden 


5 Christina Avenue 
Activities: Cross Country 1-4; 
Winter Track 1 -4; Spring Track 2-4; 
DECA 2-4 

Memories: 2006 MVC Cross 
Country Champs, 09- 1 Indoor Track 
Champs, Coach Bradford, old school 
Pasta Parties, Cruisin' in the Breeze 
with Lachey R. and Tyler M., 
German with Mr. Infanger, DECA 
nationals in Anaheim, the morning 

Victoria L. Crenshaw 


37 Mallard Street 

Activities: National Honor Society 3-4; 
Book Club 3-4 

Memories: Mrs. P's turkey story and 
"conversaciones inapropriadas" with 
AP Spanish Language. Field trips to 
Boston with Mr. P and Mr. C. Laughs 
in Mr. C's AP US History class. 
Working in the junior house office. 
Fetal pigs with Mrs. J. HR and Stats 
with Mr. F. My second moms Mrs. A 
and Mrs. L. 

Ian J. Crowe 

Allyson Cunningham 

23 Passaconaway Drive 
Activities: A/V Clubl-4; National 
Honor Society 3-4; Wrestling 1 
Memories: "AP Kids Don't Do that" 
and SPAC '08 

Lauren F. Curley 

Activities: Peer Leader 3; National 
Honor Society 3-4, Secretary 4; 
Writing Center 4 

Memories: Homeroom stories, tent 
parties, slide, getting run over, ap kids 
don't do that 

Allison E. Curran- 


43A Ossamequin Road 
Activities: Future Teachers 1; GSA 1-4 
Memories: My Teachers, Blenders, 
Cookies. My Fourth Grade Class. Billy 
M: Light Bulbs, Christian B: Hop 
Off..., Emily C: Dogs, Danielle H: 
Water Bottles, Jenn P: Grasshopper. 
Josh K: Salem and Eyeliner, Mark S: 
"I'm Not Gay", Sarah B: "It's The 

Nicole I. Curtis 

22 Riverhurst Road 
Activities: Soccer 1-4; Basketball 
1-4; Lacrosse 1-4; National Honor 
Society 3-4; Homeroom Rep 2-4 
Memories: Good times @ popsiclc 
camp w/ my soccer girls! Pigs & 
fruit flies w/ Becca, Mia & 
Christina. Mags & DECA 
California Dreamin'. Adore hablar 
espanol con mis amigas! Ruby's 
HR 3344. Dadams tripping on 
computer cords. Calculus w/ .less. 
Forever class of 2010' 

Malgorzata Czerwonka 

Class of 2010 

Kaphaelle E. DaCosta 


25 Woodside Road 
Activities: Track I ; Yearbook 4 
Memories: 1 will never forget the 
times I've had with my wild girls and 
our boys and our senior year weekends. 
Hearing "dont close it" all day 
everyday. Thanks for my old friends 
for always being there and my new 
friends for making these past four years 

Kristen R. Dangora 


9 Ricca Farm Road 
Activities: DECA 3-4; Peer Leader 
3-4; Winter Track 1-3; Spring Track 
1-3; National Honor Society 4 
Memories: B&E blck marketing, 
soupy my girl, Friday nights at bcoat, 
gb day!, G blck French, dance parties, 
star student board, mr. marchi, 
harvest cup tourneys, DECA states, 
soccah prax, joan of arc, d block 

Mia Dangora 

Marcus C. Daniels 


14 Bridge Street 
Activities: Football 1-4 
Memories: FLOW, dodgeball 
tournys with the boys, mario cart, 
pasta partys, 09' MVC champs, 
mini mondays at bolzys, eb vs. 
dutes, yogo's in homeroom, 
hanging with my bro's 

Lianne Dascoli 

Jacklyn M. Decowski 


1 1 Allen Road 

Memories: good times with my 
homeroom girls, brooke g, i 
couldn't have gotten through these 4 
years without you. i leave 
everything to you. miss, kell and 
danielle sanchez, i love you girls, 
good luck! jem <3 

Alex M. DelMonaco 


17 Baniulis Road 

Activities: Lacrosse 1-2; National 
Honor Society 3-4; Peer Leader 3; 
Chemistry Club 3-4 
Memories: Lord Dadams tripping 
over wires. Pig Doc/Fly Keeper w/K. 
Hugz. Hawaii, Australia, New 
Zealand 09. Surfing @ 
Manly+Waikiki, Shweeb Champs 
w/Sully. Jamming w/ Since the Fall. 
Summer in the Factory, Rooftops, 
Buses. Running Talent Show w/ 
Doyle. Principessa<3 

Sara Demeo 


Class of 2010 

Kenneth Dempsey 

Maggie Dempsey 

Danny A. Desantis 


22 Skyline Drive 
Activities: Baseball 1-4, Captain; 
Football 1-2; Basketball 1; Chemistry 
Club 2-4; DECA 2-3, Peer Leader 4 
Memories: Homeroom yogos! 
Anna's runs, DECA Anaheim 
California! Rock the Beth, Gym and 
ping pong, friday night football 
games, GOW 2! Augustas crew, 
baseball dare games, Car donuts in 
the snow ! Bond Fires and guitar...! 

Michelle DiLemme 


Activities: Softball 1 ; Cheerleading 2- 
Memories: Billy, I love you. Shan & 
Ash best friends. Friday night football 
games, driving around on the 
weekends, & of course tent parties! 

Peter Dinh 

Holly M. Dixon 

47 Richardson Street 
Activities: Amnesty International 1-4; 
Future Teachers 2-4; National Honor 
Society 3-4; French Club 4; Homeroom 
Rep 1-4. 

Memories: Always being with Kerie, 
Robyn. Tommy, and Gel, Kevin<3, 
endless hours at O'C with my girls. Ms. 
Bo's classes, Chili's, the Kennedy, 
summers in Sarasota, Boston and 
Cambridge, my Malibu. forgetting 
Connor, late night Sev trips, 
anticipating graduation! 

Kyle J. Dolber 

15 Edcnwood Avenue 
Activities: Football 1-2; Track 1; 
Peer Leader 1 

Memories: Making a giant tapeball 
and playing hackie sack in 
homeroom, American Legal 
Systems, making dumb videos with 

Sean J. Dougherty 


52 Mt. Pleasant Street 

Activities: Football 1-4; Basketball 

1-2; Lacrosse 1-4 

Memories: Friday nights under the 
lights; beating Chelmsford on 
Thanksgiving; pasta parties; left side 
strong side; Kelly's Roasl Heel; 
Anna's; Yasser's house;Team Carroll; 
homeroom 3343; MB store 44: hanging 
with the boys 


Class of 2010 

Matthew J. Doyle 


1 7 Pine Tree Road 

Activities: Cross Country 1-4; Winter 
Track 1-4; Spring Track 1-4; National 
Honor Society 4; Mock Trial 4 
Memories: Fun times with my teams 
and all the rest of my friends. Getting 
so lost on every distance run. Getting 
away from K-mart finally!! And 
uh...yeah. High school was a good 
time for the most part. 

Adriana Duffin 

Courtney M. Dumais 


24 Andover Road 

Activities: Volleyball 1-4; Spring 

Track 1-4; National Honor Society 

3-4; Yearbook 4; Homeroom Rep 


Memories: Good times with 
everyone. Mrs. Foley's bio class. 
Pep-rally t-shirts and tent parties. 
"Today's the day, guys!" 

Taylor J. Dunleavy 


7 Apple Street 
Activities: A Capella4; 
Musical 2-4; Ensemble 3-4 
Memories: Great friends and great 
times with the cast and crew of the 
musical! Growing up with Bry, 
Heath, and Danielle. Lunch junior 
year Darci. Mr. Gagnon teaching 
me to sing. I miss you! Talent 
show, SPAC and performing with 
Gel & Robyn, Jaki & Tay. Good 
times (= 

Kaitlyn M. Dussi 


Activities: Swimming & Diving 1-4; 
Gymnastics 1-4; National Honor 
Society 3-4 

Memories: Lord Dadams, the kate 
diving crew, gymnasty!, SC, summer 
'09, ngabfc, flow, the mancave, late 
nights with the girls-love you, 
wait, what? Big D's&Lil B's, 
dumb&fun, JM LD AD- always, Team 
Trixie!, BUS, my girl Ms. Foley, 
marshfield&hamsauced in hampton 

Amy V. Edwards 

33 Stag Drive 

Activities: Softball 1-4; Track 2; 
Swimming & Diving 2-4; Future 
Teachers 4 

Memories: Good times in 
homeroom. Pasta Parties for 
swimming and Softball. Museum of 
Science field trip. 

Daniel T. Eggleston 


9 Albert Street 

Activities: Marching Band 1-4; 
Drama crew 2-4; Track 2, 
Memories: Best times of my life 
with marching band. Friday nights 
at the 99's. Great times at both 
Florida trips. Parties at Conor M.'s 
house. Bus rides to competitions. 
Macbeth movie. Great times in 
Mrs. Odonnel's eng class. 

Yasser A. El-Hamawy 

King Tut 
110 High Street 
Activities: Soccer 1-4 
Memories: Hanging with the 
B.O.B. Great nights at the man- 
cave. Winning the Merrimack 
Valley Conference in soccer two 
years in a row. Being squished in 
the Joe mobile. 


Class of 2010 

Renee E. Elliott 

Renay-nay Eh-lee-lee EE ot mli tuh 

1 3 Putnam Road 

Activities: Ensemble 2-3; 

Peer Mediator 3-4; Winter Track 2; 


Memories: SPAC, NYC augustas zing 
lost the game "the list" pediddle! the 
tomato K.Smith checker print cruise 
w/Bry concerts doubletree birth of 
facebook-death of myspace WestV, 
7/1 1/09 STAY STRONG rip Bill Joyce 
epic cast & KILLAH FL w/Tconn 


Dylan Fernandes 

Brendan L. Farrell 


12 Mulberry Lane 

Activities: Football 1; Lacrosse 1-2; 
DECA 2-4; Chemistry Club 3-4; 
National Honor Society 3-4; 
Peer Leader 3-4 

Memories: Homeroom 3343 bay-be! 
DECA Days always work out. Good 
times in the Joe Mobile. Gotta love 
the times at the Man Cave. Forever 
lasting and forever continuing 
memories with the B.O.B; brothers 
without end. 

Patrick C. Ferrera 

Captain America 
3 Challenger Road 
Activities: National Honor Society 
Memories: SPAC, talent show, 
Emily, Dutch, Dclmo, Ryan, Sandy, 
Ocon, Troy, NH with the Ficarras. 
Really Bungle? Transit and ihc 
Factories. Vanna. Good evening miss. 

Alberto J. Fernandes 

6 Riverdale Road 

Activities: Soccer 1-4; National Honor 
Society 3-4; Peer Leader 3 
Memories: OOB with Kevin, Chillin' 
with the Boys, Parties at Emily's, Pasta 
Parties, Hippie House, Good Times 
with Alex, Physics with Steve and 
Sean, Spanish Sophomore Year 

Emily A. Ficarra 


86 Gray Street 
Activities: Mock Trial 1-4; 
Spanish Italian Club 2-3 
Memories: The rise and fall of 
Lunchclub, Packing my house with 
30 kids. Running talent show with the 
boy I love. Late nights/early 
mornings in Espafia with my roomies. 
Learning to cope. 

Sarah A. Erlandson 

24 McGinness Way 
Activities: Soccer 1-2; National 
Honor Society 3-4; Future Teachers 
3-4; Book Club 3-4; Yearbook 4 
Memories: Ice skating with Maria & 
Jill, football games, Morrissey, fight 
or flight response, Tori Taurus & 
Monster, Disney parties, Willis, 
Freddie, Jack & Phillip, California 
with Katy & Darshana, karaoke 
parties, bus rides with Danielle, and 
history with Allison 

Joseph Ferraro 


CCass of 2010 

Conor Finegan 

Kerin M. Ford 


1 Ossipee Road 

Activities: Volleyball 2-3; Mock 
Trial 2-4; Musical 1 ,3; Peer Leader 2- 
3; National Honor Society 3-4 
Memories: "AP kids don't do that." 
Forgetting Connor. "I see no fence." 
Falko, Marco, and David. Italian 
exchange trip February '09. "Is this a 
tourist thing?" Poise and Rhythm. 
Helen Keller in Ensemble. Times 
with Robyn, Holly, Tommy, and Gel. 
Mio principe. 

Brigid K. Forestier 


32 Cardington Avenue 
Activities: Class Vice President 3-4; 
Spring Track 1-4; Cheerleading 3; 
Student Government 3-4; Yearbook 4 
Memories: Spring Track, hurdle 
buddies, Being with friends <3 Living 
for the weekends. Sweet Sixteen party, 
Semi and Prom 

Ryan A. Franchi 


54 Morgan Road 
Memories: Friday nights, tent 
parties, pulling fire alarms, and 
Hannon's house. 

Ashley M. Francis 

Memories: Crazy Girls Nights, 
hanging out with friends, and meeting 
new friends. 

Trevor G. Frederick 


10 Otter Circle 

Activities: Spring Track 1-2; 

Newspaper 1-4; Peer Leader 3 

Memories: Great times with Ken D, 

Josh K, and Dan E. G Block French. 

Emily's Parties. Manhunt at Shawn 

S's. Stealing Kevin M's poster. Luke 

L mocking Kevin M and I with a 

backwards "F" whenever we had a 

test in Mr. Molloy's Class. 

William Frevold 

Brendan Gallahue 


Class of 2010 

Jillian Gangi 

Danielle M. Godjikian 


48 Rosewood Avenue 
Activities: Drama Club; Musical; 

Memories: Spac, who's line, gutter 
gutter ba-a-all !, bryanna rose b. Tay 
shmayyyyy! Tina, kara, jacklyn, all my 
friends, the lunch table and our game;) 

Amanda E. Gillis 


9 Baldwin Road 

Memories: Of course the Rainbow 
Foundation and Rotha Parks who could 
forget her! Greece and Kostas! And the 
FAMOUS Volvs! 

Daniel Girard 

Melissa A. Govertsen 


24 Rexhame Street 
Activities: A Cappella4; Tennis 1-4; 
National Honor Society 4; Writing 
Center 4 

Memories: Mama govertsen i love 
you, jn* stevie and jordan at gsons, 
jillian's serves, ryan Hamilton, 
stcphania micalizzi 39 queensland rd, 
jesska's bread, my baby leandra, 
matching every outfit, 10 hair colors, 
my pontiac, learning to not be alraid 
of love even if it was too late, lowell, 
summers with rph&rcrc 

Amanda J. Grant 

I Mulberry Lane 

Activities: Softball I; Winter Track; 
Spring Track 

Memories: To all the old friends and 
meeting the new ones. Kaitlynn P, 
Jessica B, Teresa C, Katie P, Luke S, 
Amanda B, Brittany C. The ones i'll 
never forget. It has been a long awaited 
four years, and it is sad it's finally 
coming lo an end. But exciting to see 
what the Inline holds. 

Kelly C. Gaudette 

Activities: Spring Track 1-4; DECA 
3-4; Spanish Italian Club 2-4 
Memories: Huntin' Critters/Spring 
Track, My Little Ponies!, Spain, My 
secret best friend Brittany 
Schissler/Chelsea Handler/Albus 
Dumbledore, "AP kids don't do that" 

1 NNNt ~ ^ m 

Kayla E. Gorham 


1 9 Ferren Drive 

Activities: Softball 1; AV Club 1; 
Drama Club 2-4 

Memories: As one door opens, I hope 
one more opens. Ms. Luz's English, 
Turkey&peacock, Softball w/ Steph, 
Mr. Walsh's Eng. class, "Seriously?!", 
Drama Fest!, business w/ Zack, funny 
times w/ Nikki, Steve madden, hr w/ 
Danielle, Fri. nights w/ Sam, awesome 
times w/ Tony, Nikki, Kat,Allison, 
Catherine. Marla.Lauren,Vickey,&every 
one, Anatomy class w/ "Brett". Thanks 
Mom & Dad 


Class of 2010 

Amy R. Greensmith 


5 Harjean Road 

Activities: Fall Cheering 2-4; Winter 
Cheering I; Girls Lacrosse 1-4 
Memories: Fresh, yr w/ 
Ash.Yassers.Shanns back room, 
ToriTime,SummerNights,We're Wild 

6 we LOVE it,LakesideLounge,My 
boys thx for everything, Library w/ 
Marcus, Shan partners in crime, 
Bestfriends, Family I couldn't ask for 
more, Thank you. Lea 
Bestfriends, always, I love you man 

Ryan P. Hamilton 

15 Woodside Road 
Activities: Soccer 1; Wrestling 1; 
Homeroom Rep 4; DECA 4 
Memories: Great times w/ Justin. Pot 
luck lunch. Summer '07, '08, '09. 
Friday nights after work. NH w/ 
Steph. NC road trip '09. Dadam's 
class with Jess, Steph, Mel and 
Michelle. Perrier's classes w/ Meg, 
Kate and Steph. 


Michael Hannon Christopher R. Hansen 

1 1 La Sallette Road 
Memories: Short but fun 2 years 
here since I moved here. Friday 
Night Lights on Fridays in the Fall, 
watching basketball and hockey 
games in the Winter. Ya, It's all 

Philip Heck 

Richard W. Heckbert 


250 Nashua Road 
Memories: School Days with Ree. 
Finally Lunch with Ree, too bad its 
Senior year. Friday night football 
games. First three years of German 
with Mr. Infanger. Chris H. with his 
amazing magic tricks in homeroom. 

Christopher S. Herrick 


25 Lois Lane 

Activities: Baseball 1-2, 4; Math 
League 3-4; National Honor Society 4; 
Mock Trial 4 

Memories: Performing magic! Pick a 
card, any card! Good times making 
videos with John S., Alberto F., and 
Kevin M.! The Giggle Brigade from 
Mr. Dagle's history class! Can we use 
our calculators on this test Mr. Dagle. . . 
thanks Steve P.! Got Tewksbury vanilla 
Shawn S? 

Caitlin J. Hill 


4 Captains Way 

Activities: Swimming & Diving 1-4; 
Gymnastics 1-4; Spring Track 1-3; 
Ensemble 2; Peer Leader 3; National 
Honor Society 3-4 
Memories: "AP kids don't do that!"; 
adventures w/Lindsey; our cars are 
bffs!; E8: RyanG, bread is so good. 
Incubus posters, Anthony Palooza; 
notes w/Gel & Linds; XHMS 
nicknames; track picnics; APUSH 
family tree; improv warfare in Global; 
dreamy points; Italy; Matt. 


Class of 2010 

Danielle R. Hills 

Dr. Hills 

1 5 Forest Street 

Activities: Literary Magazine 3; 
Soccer 1 

Memories: Poptart Man; book lunch 
w/Becca; Ms P's lunch period "if snow 
was red"; Sarah B's hand-drawings; 
Halloween-Art; study w/ Maria&Sarah; 
cell phone debate w/Maria; bus rides 
w/Sarah: bugs, &weekends; 
Keyboarding w/ Sara&Joanna; Mr 
Walsh's class&camera; Mr Carey 
&blenders; LOTS w/ Lea & SarahM; 
Macbeth Pirates; Disney beat Gates; 
Bambi & History w/Allie; Physics 

James E. Holland 


46 Riverbank Terrace 
Activities: Football 1-4; Hockey 1-4; 
Lacrosse 1-4; DEC A 2-4 
Memories: MVC Champs 2009 Baby, 
"The Hockey team" as Dan would say 
it, Kickups, Runnin Show in Lax, 
Bruins Macbeth, Business Lab with 
Ryan and Sean, Doing impressions. 
Never forget all the good times I had 
with my boys 

Matthew Horan 

Allison Hourihan 

Kevin Hughes 

Monica Hughes 

Shelley Hun 

Brian A. Hunt 

6 Salem Road 

Activities: National Honor Society 3-4 
Memories: Math classes with Mark S. 
Stupid, long debates in Mr. Lehman's 
class with James and Ian. Talent show; 
Feeling sick right before SPAC 
performances. Mr. Black is the 
greatest; we learn the most when we 


Class of 2010 

Stephen A. Hunter 


90 Wilson Street 

Activities: Soccer 1-4; Track 1-4; 
Class Treasurer 4; National Honor 
Society 3-4 

Memories: Good times in the morning 
hallway. Track Bonds last forever. 

Michael J. Hurley 

Charlie Hustle 
1 Astrig Way 

Activities: Golf 1-4; Hockey 1-3; 
Volleyball 1-2; DECA 2-4; Student 
Government 4, President 
Memories: Homeroom corner with 
Jim and Meg. State Finals. Chillin 
with the Lakeside crew. Longhorns. 
Cruisin' around with no destination. 
The chase. "Hurley u still alive 
kedd". Room in Cali. DECA days. 

Casey Hutchinson 

Nicholas R. Imlach 


2 Payson Road 
Activities: DECA 4 
Memories: Mr. Lordans ALS 
with Steve P; Jon and Derek; Mr. 
Carey's Topics and Global studies 

Jessica Janus 

Memories: "There comes that 
mysterious meeting in life when 
someone acknowledges who we are 
and what we can be, igniting the 
circuits of our highest potential." 
- Rusty Berkus 

Barbara Jenkins 

Matthew Johnson 

Stephanie C. Johnson 


19 Mason Avenue 
Activities: Soccer 4; Track 3; 
Basketball 1 

Memories: D Block w/ Ms.P & 
Sergio<3 too pretty. Halloween 09! 
sophomore crunch, no freshies! 
Cowan love4ever. Hey Ms. Burke, 
is chapter 5 hard? 


Class of 2010 

Kyle E. Kennedy 


22 Bellflower Road 

Activities: Football 1-4; Baseball 1; 

Lacrosse 2; DECA 4 

Memories: Always with my FLOW 

boys; train rides to Boston for 

dodgeball tournaments; late nights with 

the boys playing NHL; mini Mondays 

at Bolzy's; repping the Krazy dance at 

every dance or anywhere; the 09' MVC 

champs; Mario kart at the football pasta 

parties; EB vs. Dutes. 

Sana Khalifa 

Shannon G. Kinsley 


36 Nolte Road 

Activities: Chcerleading 2-4 

Memories: Ash & Mccsh best friends. 

Friday night football games. Tent 

parlies. Driving around on the 

weekends. Just having fun with the 


Amanda H. Joyce 


155 Andover Road 

Activities: Future Teachers 1-4; Peer 
Leaders 3-4; National Honor Society 3-4 
Memories: Secret Santa '08 & '09. 
FLOW. Bloque F & Senora P. Sweet 17 
with Mejor! Spain '09: Eduardo on 3! 
Europe '10 with all my favorites. Jr. 
Prom: fashionably late? HFC=love. Flo- 
ridah with Loo! "OO" nights in Maine. 
Randi and Jodi, you're the best. 

Lucas J. Kessler 

Chef master 3000 

11 Pond Street 

Activities: Soccer 1 

Memories: Great times with all my 

friends. Fun times in Food Choices. 

SPAC. I'm going to miss the best 

homeroom ever (Mr Cohen). I'm also 

going to miss spirit week. But my best 

memories are with my awsome 



Class of 2010 

Brenda A. Kissane 

Activities: National Honor Society 3-4; 
Amnesty 2-4; Environmental Club 1-3 
Memories: AP kids don't do that... 
Tent Parties. Fredericks and Spencers 
with Lizelle. Henry Clay. The French 
class. The Rescue! Tea with Elana. 
Adventures in Cambridge. Dance 
parties! Basically just how awesome 
all my friends are!!! 

Meghan P. Knight 


4 Poe Road 

Activities: Volleyball 1-4; Softball 1-44 
DECA 3-4 

Memories: Gtimes w. the grls muises, 
gills, strazz, alishia, chels, amy. 
Sball&Vball girls-love. Pasta partys. 
Dancin in the field. Youngers41ife! 
R.B.F walks thru the path. DA SPOT. 
Cali. Maine&NH. Proms. Fires. SHUT! 
THE SLIDER! ily MAK! Thanks fam. i 
Goodluck '10 

Michelle L. Knight 

4 Poe Road 

Activities: Volleyball 1-4; Softball 
1,2; DEC A 2-4 

Memories: Mem. Day wknds @ the 
muises. Pep rallys, DA SPOT, 
Semi/proms, CALI! Pasta Partys, 
Vball grls- luv you all! Locker 
Buddy, 01ders4Life! R.B.F w/ 
gills&randi, remote in the bar? 
G*times w. the grls- 
Thanks mom&dad. GoodLucklO' 

Nicole Lacerda 

Andrew J. Lanteigne 


22 Rogers Street 

Memories: Skating! Chillin' with my 
buds and bros; Good times I'll 
remember and bad times I'll forget; 
Buzzing my long hair; Having to go to 
night school; All the people and things 
I truly learned from. 

Leandra A. LaSpada 


28 Ironwood Street 
Memories: Shan's house every friday 
night sophomore year; crazy pep rally 
nights: my wild babies always; 
SUPERCAHH; Ame my best no 
matter what, love you man; hanging 
in the lounge with my boys; Ms. 
Griff s class, D block girls forever; 
My family thanks for everything. 

Sean Liberty 

Elizabeth R. Libro 


33 Forest Park Avenue 
Activities: Swimming 1-4; 
Basketball 1,3,4; Softball 1-2; 
Outdoor Track 3-4; National Honor 
Society 4; Mock Trial 4 
Memories: Starbucks Thursday, 
parties with my swim girls, Mrs. 
Foley's Freshman Bio, gt's in Mrs. 
Peter's, contests with Steve! Friday 
nights with Diana, Jess, Slater and 
Britt, my sister Steph Johnson! The 
softball team freshman year, TEAM 
GRIFF in Italy and HANZ! 



Chris D. Lomanno 

14 Garnet Road 

Activities: Football 1-2; Basketball I; 
baseball 2; DECA 4 
Memories: Great times with the boys. 
Ranging out at the Kennedy Residence, 
Wayne Bolz screen porch, Mini 
Monday! Late night trips to Simards, 
Playing NHL all night. Never forget 
Flow dodgeball. EB. 


Erin N. MacDowell 


270 Andover Road 

Memories: We all do stupid things that 
:we may or may not remember for the 
rest of our lives. We can either regret it 
or be glad it happened. We don't 
remember every person we've met, but 
;the ones we do remember are the ones 
that made those stupid things worth it. 

Joseph G. Luciano 


4 Baldwin Road 

Activities: Homeroom Rep 1-4; 

Chemistry Club 3 

Memories: Great times with the 

boys. Football & Hockey games. 

Mrs. Foley's HR. Painting ourselves 

for Thanksgiving game. Spirit Week. 

Pep Rally. Italian class. The Camry. 

Friday Nights. Thanks Dad. Mom, 

thanks for all you taught me, I miss 

you & will always love you. 

Michael J. Macinnis 


1 5 Larkspur Road 
Activities: Winter Track I; 
National Honor Society 3-4 
Memories: SPAC and talents 
shows. Jamming w/ Since the Fall, 
Pat F., Ryan C, Delmo, Wouter, 
Sandy, Ocon, MB44, hanging out 
on friday nights, drum oils, metal 
basement breakdowns. 

Katarina A. MacAfee 

320 Old Middlesex Turnpike 
Activities: Drama 1-4; Ensemble 2-4; 
National Honor Society 3-4 
Memories: Supernatural, Prince 
Charlie, London&Paris, Pantaloon!, 
mornings at Jenn's locker. Ensemble w/ 
Mr. Gagnon, SPACtors, late-night 
facebook chats w/ Zack, Lady Gaga, 
AP kids don't do that, the Green Knight 
was the hottest, leave the auditorium? I 
LIVE here 

Sara A. MacKenzie 

Mary Poppins 

35 Glenside Avenue 

Activities: Marching Band 1-4; Fall 

Color Guard I -4; Winter Color Guard 

1-4; Orchestra 1-4 

Memories: Football Games w/thc 

band. Fall Competitions. Long 

practices during summer, I si in Tail & 

winter! BestCG. Great times w/GaryN, 

ConorM, JamesC, JessP, AsliN. 

KinderCare! Love the guard! To the 

boys, best bios ever! Florida 2xs. NYC, 

I'hilly. Extreme Winchelll 

Geraldine B. Lorbes 


4 Mellon Road 

Activities: Class Secretary 1-4; 
Musical 1-3; A Cappella 4 
Memories: Walking the Great Wall 
with my China trip family. Performing 
in musicals, SPAC, and other benefit 
concerts, "...tally!". Acoustic jam 
sessions. Singing at the top of my lungs 
at shows with my best friends. 
"Guys... we forgot Connor..." 

Tayla L. MacEachern 

3 Woodcrest Circle 
Activities: Soccer 1-2; Indoor 
Track 1-4; Lacrosse 1-4; National 
Honor Society 4; DECA 4 
Memories: Ireland 09. 316! <3 
Tayla runs! The firsts. Epic trips. 
A+ parking. Livingston Street. <3 
Keepin in classy at Hco! 



Diana M. Madden 


1 1 Tremont Road 
Activities: Swimming 2-4 
Memories: Car rides to swimming, 
Pasta Parties, Eating aunty, Starbucks 
Thursday, Nights with Liz L, Michelle 
S, Jess P, and Britt S. Hanging out with 
Devan, Lucas and Jonny! Italy and 
Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand. 

Kevin J. Mahaney 


364 Boston Road 
Activities: Drama 3-4; Vocal 
Ensemble 3-4 

Memories: G Block French!, Alberto 
comics, SPAC, Ensemble, Beauty 
and the Beast, OOB, Canobie w/ 
Melissa, 3327, Lunch Club, Ultimate 
F, Surprise Pahty, Hangin' with the 
Boys, Drama Fest, Theresa's 16th 

Amanda E. Mahoney 

12 Talbot Avenue 
Activities: Girls Hockey 1-4 
Memories: My Hockey Girls. 
PastaParties, Early Practices, Pregaming 
(Kim.Kris&Jenks) Shannon K;Hanky 
Panky & Tent Parties, Umass Lowell w 
the Crew.Dance Partys.PepRally T- 
Shirts, Love You To the Moon/Stars; 
Jilly R & Jodi C, Maggie D our Lowell 
Boys, Rollerblading, Dmb Concerts, & 
Homeroom with Mr. Fall A 

Samantha Maltais 

Justin Mancini 

Irene K. Manetta 


32 Brandon Street 
Activities: Homeroom Rep 1-4; 
Future Teachers 2-4; Peer Leader 3; 
Math League 3-4; National Honor 
Society 3-4; Yearbook Staff 4 
Memories: Best word of the day 
ever- Wedgwood; Everybody is such 
a spectacle; Yes I'm Spartan, no I 
don't worship Zeus; TEVIAB !!! E 
colpevole; Ciccione; Water bottle on 
the windshield; Greeks own the Irish; 

Jeffrey Marcano 

Dana E. Margossian 

59 Treble Cove Road 
Activities: Chorus 3-4; Drama, 3-4 
Memories: Hanging out with my 
friends in homeroom and Mrs. 
Sargents room. Drama with Miss 
Yoniak and chorus with Mr. Gangnon 
and Ms. Bergeron, working with the 
"cafe" ladies! Seeing my friends 
from AKKC in between classes, and 
making lots of new friends in chorus 
and drama! 


Class of 2010 

Marisa Marion 

Memories: Don't let anyone make you 
feel like you don't deserve what you 

Conor R. McCarron 

4 Whiting Street 
Activities: Marching Band 1-4; 
Science League 2-4; Math League 3-4; 
AV Club 1-4; Drama 1-4 
Memories: Building death machines 
for science league, debunking physics 
to make band make sense, socks in the 
parking lot, mountain dew jello on 
thanksgiving, 100 degree band camps, 
10 degree football games, "Whoa no 
need to swear", perrier's upside down 
map, Mr. Cohen's jolley rancher 
shooting labs, yelling at people for 
stage crew 

April A. McCaughey 

Memories: Ireland baa's, turkey 
faces, "sup baby?!', friday night 
finger noodles, cadartys, betsy <3, 
fancy fastfood, lunch line classics, 
'grizzly adams', and so much more. 

Kyle P. McClung 


3 Governor Saltonstall Road 
Memories: BMHS 4 Great Years! 
Thanks Everyone! Officer Mullen 
You're The Best! My Brother Kev 
always there for me, I Love you. 
Kev/Jon/Al & Alex Mario soccer 
"Score". Dom & Zach "Follow Me!" 
Hallo. Maria You Are My Favorite ! 
Special Olympics Triumphant & 

Caitlin Mclnnis 

Rebecca J. Mcintosh 


20 Fawn Lane 

Activities: Drama Club 3-4; GSA 1-2 
Memories: Oh drama kids, you're all 
completely insane & I love every one 
of you, Internship & Lishy with Becca 
&Samm, Ireland-ghosts, drunks & 
creepers galore! The soap opera that 
was & always will be Samm's life, 
Hineseypoo! <3, bonfires & cops & 
crazies, oh my! 

Sean W. McLaughlin Leah M. McWilliams 


12 Franklin Street 
Activities: Lacrosse 2; Chemistry 
Club 2; DECA 2-3; National Honor 
Society 3-4 

Memories: Spending 90% of my 
school days in the business lab with 
Jim and Ryan. Not doing Ms. 
O'donnell's midterm movie project. 
My highschool hunny Mackenzie 


37 Harjean Road 

Activities: Softball 1-4; Volleyball 2-3; 
Chemistry Club 3-4; National Honor 
Society 3-4; Math League 4 
Memories: Softball Girls 08. Jimmy's 
locker, tri-lams! Kevin Jay, Ryan, 
John... amazing people, reah! the bus 
stop! hockey games. Scrubs Macbeth! 
homeroom drama, the comer, anatomy 
class w/ Tyler & Marisa. My Daniel 
James! bright future, I'M be there, look 
for me. 


Class of 2010 

Bill Meaney 

Elana D. Megerian 


5 1 Peace Street 
Activities: Student Government l-4;l: 
Track 1-4; Chemistry Club 3-4; 
National Honor Society 3-4 
Memories: "Herro Cho Cho!" 
Having tea with Bren. My love affaii 
with Henry Clay. The American 
Pageant. Bagel parties. Homeroom 
drama and homeroom love. Ms. 
Hines. Becoming a devoted Jirrist. 
Lifting massive weights at tracktice. 

Allison P. Membrino 

158 Concord Road 

Activities: Community Service Club 
2-4; Environmental Club 2-4; 
Yearbook Staff 4 
Memories: fun nights, random 
screaming, secret missions, 
awkward/embarrassing moments, 
blasting music, crazy stunts, amazing 
family and friends, laughing till it 
hurt, experiencing every emotion 
possible. ..all with very little sleep = 4 
amazing years <3 

Nick Memmolo 

Jared Mengistab 

William Miles 

Jessica Miller 

Stephanie R. Micalizzi 

Steph Mic 

39 Queensland Road 

Activities: Soccer 1-4; Basketball 1; 

Track 1-2 

Memories: I've had so many great 
experiences throughout my 4 years c 
high school. I will never forget my 
amazing trip to Australia New 
Zealand & Hawaii and all the great 
times I had with my friends. These 
memories will be with me for the res 
of my life. 


Class of 2010 

Kristin N. Miller 

20 Radcliffe Road 
Activities: Softball 1-4; DEC A 4 
Memories: Adventure night, Allyb 
best friend, April Vacation08, 
February09, Kim's, Family, Road 
trips. Smack down at my house. Proms, 
'Living in the business hallway. Ms. 
Hines 3326 

Brian Milo 

John Montgomery 

Ashli M. Mooney 


12 Governor Hutchinson Road 
Memories: Wild Freshman year with 
Amy, My wild babies, Shannon's back 
room. Cape, Junior Prom '09, Tori 
Time, Ca$h Money, LiT Greezy, Rocky 
Balboa, Summer with Tori. 

Colin J. Moore 

C- Moo re 

20 Hattie Lane 

Activities: DECA 2-4; Basketball, 
Manager 3-4 

Memories: Great times with beano, 
beats with sully and dansack. Tid and 
Cup are forever in my heart. 12 
seconds! Micozzi + Donny C. = love. 
And last of all Lakeside 

Steven Moore 

Tyler Moore 

Neil R. Morris 

2 Cobblestone Way 

Activities: Cross Country I; Football 2; 
Basketball 1-4; Baseball [;Homeroom 
Rep 1 ; DECA 4 

Memories: Pasta Parlies, Wayne's 
House, Mini Mondays, Ping Pong, and 
Betsy, Kyle's Room, Mario Karl, I. ale 
night drives lo Simards, Football, 
Hockey, and I. AX games, Anna's. The 

Black Widow, Gary's Fires, Semi's ami 
Proms wiih Krissv. H 1 1 


Class of 2010 

Sean P. Morrison 

Sean Mo 
3 Kern Drive 

Activities: Basketball 1-4; Baseball 1-4; 
Football 1-2 

Memories: Pasta parties with good 
friends. Hi, Aus, NZ-Summer 09. Surfing 
at Waikiki and Manly. Slide! 
Anna's/Fuddruckers runs. Augusta's 
crew. York w/ Khugz + Sully. Riverpines 
crew. Seabrook/Hampton with Nemo. 
Now batting. ..Angela Anaconda. 

Stephen Morrissey 

Tyler J. Moules 

7 Bankside Drive 

Activities: Soccer 1-4; Indoor Track 
1-4; Outdoor Track 1-4 
Memories: Pasta parties. Skipping 
distance runs, B-Rad !!!!!, Pizza Hut, 
cruising in the Breeze with Zach & 
Lachey, MVC Champs, Ireland, 
Airing grievances, Bonfires, 
Anatomy with Leah & Marisa, being 
called Phelps 

Melissa M. Muise 


4 Peach Avenue 

Activites: DECA 3-4; Yearbook 
Staff 4 

Memories: Good times with the 
girls. Team Spandex. Good times in 
Greece and California 091 Olders 4 
life. Da Spot. Campfire song. Mr. 
Cohen's Chemistry class. Good 
times in Carroll's class. I won't 
ever forget you. 

Michelle E. Muise 


4 Peach Avenue 

Activities: Softball 1-2; Volleyball 1-4; 
DECA 3-4; Yearbook Staff 4 
Memories: Best times with my girls. 
Da Spot. Dinner at the 99s, popcorn 
anyone? Greece 09. Volleyball family, 
state home game vs. Lex. DECA. 
Locker buddy. Younger' s 41yf. Amy B, 
A. Burns, A. Gillis, Strazz, Chelsey B. 
Mike H. Love yous. Never forget the 

Michael Murphy 

David E. Murray 


16 Todd Lane 

Activities: Football 1; Lacrosse 1 
Memories: skipping school and 
going to boston for the day to skate 
with chris w, mike d and joey s. 
skatin boston, chillin at deans, driving 
around with brandon h. Going to 
boston with murph and joey until the 
last train home. Old skatepark days 
with cali, joe , murph and many other 

Rita N. Musaazi 

Kenmar Drive 

Activities: Track 1 

Memories: Mr. Chicarelli's class 

(junior year). Dressing cute and fresh 

every time i stepped into the BMHS 

halls!! .'.Great times with Vanessa in 

Caldwell's class. 


CCass of 2010 


9 Holt Street 

Activities: Basketball 1-4; Soccer 
1-4; Lacrosse 2-4; DECA 2-4; Peer 
Leader 3; Chemistry Club 3-4 
Memories: Fires at Gary's. Ruling 
the School with Jim. life with 
Mclaughlin. Weekends with Lavalle 
and Sousa. Notorious. Reardon's #1 
Fan. Wallball with Greg and Grant. 
Yasser's house freshman year. 
Rockband marathon at the Shea's. 
Kasey Higgins will you please TAKE 

Andrew L. Norman 


1 8 Shelburne Avenue 
Activities: Cross Country 1-4; Indoor 
Track 1-4; Outdoor Track 1-4; 
Environmental Club 1-4; Mock Trial 3-4 
Memories: Great times in Ms. Y's acting 
class, All of Mr. Dagle's jokes, and 
hanging out with Mr. Molloy. I also will 
always remember all four years of cross 
country and track. Above all I will 
always remember Homeroom with Mr. 
Vigeant and German with Mr. Infanger. 

Randi M. Ochab 

23 Robin Hood Lane 
Activities: Volleyball 1-4; National 
Honor Society 3-4; Yearbook 4 
Memories: Jojo and Amanda, forever. 
"Today is the day". Maine. Monkey 
story for Milch. Best times with my 
volleyball gills, mi ss you all. ( irecce, 
Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, London. 
Fine Ails singing, laughing, and 

Gary R. Newcomb 

7 Jobe Lane 

Activities: Science League 1-4; Band 
1-4; Drama Crew 1,3-4; Winter 
Percussion 4 

Memories: Driving to Nashua just to 
get Pizza Hut, parking lot raves, New 
Orleans, the nines, Becky, "just use a 
ramp", mountain crew, drum-itz, "hit 
the tarn!", thanks for the donut, peace 
out!, wheres the food? 

Kevin J. Norman 


8 Lafayette Road 

Activities: Spring Track 1-4; Winter 
Track 1-4; DECA 2-4; Chemistry Club 
2-4; National Honor Society 3-4 
Memories: "Hurdle Track!". Tri-lambs 
with Leah, John, and Ryan. Never 
forget you. Barbara (British accent). 
Get Brave in Atlanta. HUGE. Cosmic 
bowling with the gang. Elf. "What's 
up? What's up?". The math corner. 
Trixxie. Andover Powderpuff Game. 
So much so bad. 

Ashleigh V. Norman 


\ Phillip Road 

Activities: Future Teachers 4 
Vlemories: Shann and Meesh Best 
friends, Driving around on weekends, 
:ent parties, getting wild with the girls! 

Ryan J. Grady 

12 Minton Road 
Activities: Field & Track 1 -4; 
Chemistry Club 3-4; Football 1-3 
Memories: Throwing the Shot Put, 
Discus, and Javelin. The FIELD & 
Track Team. "Skippin' Rocks". 
Andover Invasion. French class avee 
Mme. Bojarski. Tri-Lams. Chemistry 
with Mrs. Hines and AP Chemislry 
Packets for Mr. Cohen. P- Values. Mr. 
Lehman HR: 3318. And lasi bin 
certainly nol least, my FRIENDS! 


Class of 2010 

Giancarlo Paradiso 

Memories: Oh Baby! 

Alex Parker 

Catherine M. Pangakis 


65 Tercentennial Drive 
Activities: Community Service 1-4; 
Environmental 1-4; Newspaper 3-4; 
Crew 4; Book Club 4 
Memories: Having a blast at parties. 
Talking and texting all night. Chattin; 
up a storm at lunch. Study in the 
library. Snow days. SPAC. Spirit 
Week. Spending all our money at the 
mall. Hanging out and 
laughing with friends. Making 
memories that I'll never forget! 

Kirtan V. Patel 


24 Kenmar Drive 

Activities: Soccer; Basketball, manaji 
Memories: I want to thank my frieni 
for the crazy fun memories that will 
stay with me for the rest of my life. 
Good luck to everyone in the future, 
everyone: Be a whole person, a uniqu 
individual not half of someone else. 

Alexandra H. Oleksy 


8 1 Baldwin Road 

Activities: Future Teachers 3-4; JSA 4; 
Marching Band 1-3; Homeroom Rep 3; 
Tennis 1 

Memories: Lunch Club, Walden, 
Hippie Haus, Chipotle, Germany, 
Bonfires, G Block French, Batman, 
Tilt'n Diner, Plaster Fun Time, 
Marauder's Map, Bowling, The Lotus, 
Realizing that "Everything Changes" 

Darshana Patel 

K / 'Jf 

^^Hr: ! J? if 

m. \l 

Aaron M. Pelletier 


4 Riverhurst Road 

Activities: Baseball 1; Basketball 1; 

Winter Track 4; Spring Track 3-4; 

Football 1, 3-4 

Memories: 1st day at BMHS during 
my Soph, year after moving from 
Maine. Football pasta parties. MVC 
All-Star. Slap Hands! 2009 Football 
MVC Champs! 

Krystle A. Pelosi 


35 Fourth Avenue 

Memories: Kell, Jord, Mick, Al <3 "I 
believe that everythin happens 4 a 
reason. People change so u can learn 
2 let go, things go wrong so that u 
appreciate them when their right, u 
believe lies so u eventually learn 2 
trust nol but urself, n sometimes 
good things fall apart so betta things 
can fall togetha." always love u 



Nicole Pelrine 

Daniel J. Peltier 


Activities: Band 1-4; Track 1-2; 
National Honor Society 3-4; 
Newspaper Staff 1 -4; Peer Leader 3 
Memories: Ms. Bojarski's G blk 
French. Great times in Hmrm. Fun in 
Ms. Killian's C blk Precal. Friday 
nights at the 9's. Late Night Crew at 
Shawn S's. Band Ten Hut! Tap out in 
NZ, Aus, and HI! Ok counts & class 

Christopher M. Pena Lauren A. Pena 

! Katie A. Penny 


i 4 Stondhedge Circle 

(Activities: Winter Track 2-4; Spring 

(Crack 3-4 

Memories: E block study with Vanessa 
( >amon, wahkiki, and Amanda G. 


17 William Road 

Activities: Lacrosse 1-4; Winter Track 
2-3; Chemistry Club 3-4; Homeroom 
Rep 4 

Memories: 4 years of waiting, but 
plenty of comic relief and notebook 
paper. Thanks to all my teachers for 
putting up with my nonsense. Lacrosse 
kept me chuggin' along, to say the least. 
Definitely an experience. 


17 William Road 

Activities: Cross Country 1 -4; Winter 
Track 1-3; Lacrosse 1-4 
Memories: Miss my lunch crew and 
the brown paper bags, good times HR 
(and lockers), sociology class..., 
Maria's parties "Im Bretesh", Griffs D 
block class w/ Kali, and so much more 

Anthony Percuoco 

Lillian R. Perkins 


49 Nolte Road 

Activities: Softball 1 -4; Basketball 1-2; 
Cross Country 1 ; Community Service 
Club 2-3; Environmental Club 2-3 
Memories: Here's to all the laughs: 
freshman basketball, jv Softball, endless 
shifts at O'connors, nights out with the 
girls, counting Mrs. Gs "althoughs", and 
my best friend Olivia. And of course, 
here's to my Softball team who gave me 
the best four seasons I could ask for. 
These past four years sure flew by, bin 
they are four years that I will never 

Nicole M. Perkins 


5 Tercentennial Drive 
Memories: Mrs. Hough's Art classes 4 
blocks a day, and goofing off in almost 
all of those 4 classes! Always 
wondering if Shelley H was going to 
arrive for A block nana. Lunch by the 
window with my pals. Having great 
friends and good times on the 
weekends. Going (o Jims every 
morning no matter what the weather 
was like. I'll miss il all. 


Class of 2010 

Anthony S. Perrone 

I Apple Orchard Drive 
Activities: B;iskelb;ill I; Basebal 
Mock Trial 4 


Douglas Petersen 

Stephan C. Petropoulos Steven C. Pilon 

1 Knoll Street 

Activities: DECA 3-4; National Honor 
Society; 3-4; Soccer 1-4; Basketball 1; 
Track 1-2 

Memories: California Dreamin' with 
the DECA Crew, 2X MVC Soccer 
Champs, The Macbeth Crew, 
"Rambunkshious Rapscalion" - Mr. 
Fall, Friday Nights with the Crew, 
Hanging out at Sporting Events, The 
Lunch Crews, The Before School 
Hallway Crew, and the Gym Crew. 


7 Marriott Place 
Activities: Writing Center 4 
Memories: Dadams class! Great 
times learning about how to make 
rockets out of soda bottles ;) Ireland 
people? Bishop starting the whole 
steverino thing. ..I'm audi like4 

Jessica A. Piscatelli 


5 Marriott Place 

Activities: Swimming 1-4; Gymnastics 
1-3; National Honor Society 3-4; 
JSA 4; Homeroom Rep 3-4 
Memories: Pasta parties with the swim 
girls, auntie! Hanz and Italy! Friday 
nights with Liz, Britt, Diana and 
Michelle, roommates! 

Jennifer L. Porter 


382 Treble Cove Road 
Activities: Orchestra 1-4; Musical 1,3 
Ensemble 4; A Cappella 4; National 
Honor Society 3-4; 

Memories: My locker in the mornings 
Prince Charlie, the folder, pit orchestra 
Wendy's, advanced procrastinators, 
lunches, 2nd violins, AP kids don't do i 
that, child growth, antiprom, anatomy 
study parties, early morning seminary 
survivor; I love you guys!!! 

Jessica L. Prongay 


20 French Street 

Activities: National Honor Society 3-4; 
Future Teachers 3-4; Winter Color 
Guard 4 

Memories: Roommates. Paper 
volleyball with Ashleigh. Talks in 
Child Growth & Spanish. Homeroom 
with Jenn. Friday night football. Great 
times with friends. 

Sarah E. Quatieri 

S. Quats 

3 Meridien Way 

Activities: Softball 1-4; Swim 1-4; 
National Honor Society 3-4; ; 
Community Service Club 3-4; 
Environmental Club 3-4 
Memories: Great times with softball. 
Cupid shuffle before games, bus rides 
and pasta parties. It's fine. Lexington 
North Finals and A-B game. 
Scavenger hunts with my swim girls, 
e8. Going to states and sectionals. 
Italy in February. Going on 


Class of 2010 

Hannah J. Ramos 

Activities: Tennis 1-4; Volleyball I; 

Basketball 2; Amnesty International 

1 -2; Future Teachers 3 

Memories: "Memory is a way of 
I holding on to the things you love, the 
| things you are, the things you never 
'• want to lose." 

Krishna S. Rana 

638 Boston Road 

Activities: National Honor Society 4; 
French Club 4 

Memories: Buying cookies everyday 
with Steph V. (it was a ritual), G Block 
AP Chemistry with Mr.C, "the corner" 
in my 10th grade math class, 
homeroom conversations, and great 
times with the Hun :) 

Christina M. Ratte 

4 Greenough Road 

Activities: Volleyball 1-2; Track 1-2; 

National Honor Society 3-4; DECA 

3-4; Peer Leader 2-4 

Memories: Bees such amazing times 

best friends since kindergarten! Lizelle 

and Brenda you're the greatest. I'll hold 

onto the memories forever! Ry, great 

times in Mr. Adams' class and hanging 

out with everyone. Andrea, Pancakes 

Crackerjacks! need any ones?! 

Sean M. Reale 


6 Broad Street 

Activities: Soccer 1; Football 2; 
Basketball 1-4; Volleyball 1-4; 
National Honor Society 3-4 
Memories: Basketball tryouts, goofing 
off with the volleyball team, pasta 
parties, Lehman moments, Caldwell's 
class, DECA states, business lab, late 
night snacks, Eagle's, Anna's, 
Bianchi's, Sonic!, Denny's, 

Daniel J. Reardon 


47 Harjean Road 

Activities: Hockey 1-4; Football 1-2; 
Lacrosse 1; AV Club 2-4 
Memories: the hockey team, the 
locker room, "the blue line" juke box 
hero, kickups, Vacca's pasta party 
brawl, the fashion show, sleepovers at 
Buddy's, Bruins Macbeth, Leah<3my 
girl, Big Jim, By George it's Painted, 
sports guy, basement hockey, and 
living the dream 

Savanah M. Reynolds 


7 Hawks Ridge Road 
Activities: National Honor Society 3-4 
Memories: Having fun with the 
friends. Italy trip in February 
Sophomore year. Europe trip in 
February Senior year.Pep Rally!! 

Kim R. Riccio 


20 Chester Road 
Activities: Mock Trial 3 
Memories: crazy times at kristin m's; 
pre-heating the over with hailey and 
molly; jen b fresh since '92; matt c the 
best friend i could ever ask for; new 
years at my house; "stay classy not 
trashy"; ive had great times with even 
greater people<3 

Derek E. Rich 


20 Edenwood Avenue 
Activities: Cross Country I -4; 
Wrestling I ; Indoor Track I -3; Outdoor 
Track 1-4 

Memories: Hacky Sack in HR. I loved 
all of the Ice Fights. My Girlfriend 
punching me in the face at Lazerquest. 
The dumb things Justin and I did. The 
day I first found out my car had fronl 
wheel drive only. The crazy drives we 
look to other XC courses. Lastly the 
expressions I got year 4 when I came 
back with my beard and moustache. 


Class of '2010 

Stephanie M. Rizzari 


I Wentworlli Drive 
Activities: Cross Country 1-2; 
Winter Track 1-4; Softball 1-2 
Memories: Art with Nicole P 
everyday, Anna's Adventures, 
BANK!, hanging at the Sev with the 

Daniel Robichaud 

Robyn R. Robichaud 

Activities: Amnesty International; 
French Club; A Capella 
Memories: G*times, Vibin', China, 
partyin' in the USA. doing things to 
Connor's car, the dark cloud. The 
Rescue, road trips. Walden & Arlington 
Heights. Florida. URI. Charlton. 
Chili's, Holly, Kerie, Gel, Tommy, and 
everyone and finally. Kids don't do 
that. SPAC, Talent Show 

Kevin A. Robinson 


19 Oxford Road 

Activities: Wrestling 1-2; Soccer 1-3; 
Tennis 1-4; National Honor Society 
3-4; Drama 2-4; Homeroom Rep 1-4 
Memories: Fun times on the tennis 
team. Good times in Carey's A blk 
history class. Great times in the 
musicals. "Be Our Guest". Cast & 
crew Thx for the memories! Different 
homeroom teacher every year. 
Australia, NZ & Fiji was wicked 
sweet! Thx 2 my family 4 everything! 

fa / » / 

A J A ~-#H 

Jillian K. Rosa 


41 Call Street 
Activities: Volleyball 1-4; 
Tennis 1-4; Mock Trial 1-4 
Memories: Scavenger hunts with the 
girls, especially getting coach's lawn; 
Alyson's dances; Getting the boys' 
cars; "I see no fences"; prom & semi 
with the best; New Year's Eve; Extra 
help with the Co-meister; Mornings 
with the gang "Today is the day 
guys."; Sprashing Erana and Jodi 

Lachey E. Ross 


88 Concord Road 
Activities: Football 1-3; Indoor 
Track 1-4; Outdoor 1-4; Cross 
Country 4 

Memories: Spending my Saturdays 
at the Reggie Lewis and waiting to i 
just run once. Entertaining the 
distance group on the long 
ridiculous runs. Good times with 
my boys. Cruising in tha breeze. 
4x800m relay team 9th and 10th 
grade, we tha best. 

James Roth 

Julia M. Rudomen 


72 Andover Road 
Activities: Computer Club 1 
Memories: Mr. Molloy's F block 
History. Mrs. Humphrey's G block 
Health. Family Guy and Mr. Flynn 
voices in Mr. Fall's E block 
Environmental Chem. The Walk For 
Hunger Junior year. Mr. Bedard for 
homeroom teacher Junior year. Mr. 
Gleason's British Lit. and World Lit. 


Class of 2010 

Danielle M. Salvato 

6 Bristol Street 

Memories: My favorite memories are 
spending time with my best friends 
(Julia R, Elise S, Ryan B, Rodyl B, and 
John C. It was awesome sitting with all 
of them in the library every morning 
and driving to and home from school 
together. The weekends and days off 
were also wicked fun. Ill never forget 
the memories we all had together! I 
love you guys best friends always. 

Matthew Sanderson 


Sean Sargent 

Vanessa S. Samon 


16 Wildbrook Road 

Activities: Chorus 1-2 

Memories: E block study with Katie P 

and Catherine P, Wahkiki - 3D art class 

with Mrs. Fredericks and good friends. 

Elise C. Sawyer 

35 Treble Cove Road 
Activities: Chorus 3; Crew 3-4 
Memories: haning in the lib in the 
morning with my friends danielleS, 
johnC, juliaR, and ryanB. classes with 
friends rehearsals that ran late granola 
jbars chun kings and cast parties nerves 
musical tryouts. long night reading 
English books ahhh. last muinte papers 
and summer reading reports. 

Shannon J. Scarpaci Brittany M. Schissler 


1 1 Nussey Terrace 

Activities: Community Service Club 
Memories: friday nights at my house, 
e forever&always, alan<3, Griffs 


ne, promnights.beachdays, 

Mark A. Scannelli 

That quiet kid with black hair 
16 Doe Drive 

Activities: Vocal Ensemble 3-4. 
Memories: Nerve wracking 
choir/ensemble concerts. All my 
awesome math classes with B-hunt. 
And finally a life of honor. 


29 Woodbury Road 
Activities: French Club; Future 
Teachers; Writing Center 
Memories: The Ladies, my secrel 
bestfriend Kclly/I lermione/Jen 

Aniston, Ireland 09 K n 3 1 6 touching 

it, English with Sal, C: block math, 
chapter live & real life apps. 
pamplemousse el madame, crossing the 
bridge of physics w/the terminator, 
I lester,starbucks dales. 


Class of 2010 

William E. Scholl 


I Corcoran Road 
Activities: Marching Band 1-4; 
National Honor Society 3-4; Science 
League 1 -4; Peer Leader 2-4; Peer 
Mediator 3-4; Lacrosse 1 -2 
Memories: Hitting the Tain. Chilling 
with The Cohen. Free Pizza. Building 
Stuff in Gary's garage. Brawl with 
Conor. AP Chemistry and my 
"Special" periodic table. Good time 
with acetylene gas. 

Adina M. Scola 


5 Margaret Lane 
Activities: Fall Cheering 1-4. 
Captain; Winter Cheering 1-4, 
Captain; Softball I , Captain; Class 
Treasurer 3; Honeroom Rep 1-2 
Memories: HampTOON olO baby! 
D5, Crazy times @ Kristins, New 
Years @ Kims, Christmas Party, 
Cheering girls, sup ladies & its Friday 
night! Best friends love you always. 
Stay classy NOT trashy<3 

John M. Shattuck 


10 Aynsley Circle 

Activities: Football 2-4; Indoor Track 
1-4; Outdoor Track 1-4; DEC A 2-4; 
National Honor Society 3-4; Chemistry 
Club 3-4 

Memories: 2009 MVC Champs, The 
Throwing Gang, BC Camp, Being 
Brave in Atlanta, California Dreamin, 
The Corner, Survivor Macbeth, The 
Andover Invasion, Are we on the Mass 
Pike? Ultimate Frisbee on Boston 
Road, Whatsup Whatsup! 

Shawn F. Shea 


52 Allen Road 

Activities: Math League 3-4; Yearbook 
4; A Cappella Choir 4; Homeroom 
Rep. 2-4 

Memories: Dadams's class! Maria's 
intense Karaoke parties. First time 
driving. First time singing. First time 
performing in front of an audience on 


Class of 2010 

Victoria Siciliano 


1 1 Beaver Place 

Activities: Softball 1 ; Senior Rep 4 
Memories: Stay WILD to my 
babies, Tori Time, Kate Z best 
friends through everything (leopard 
face), D-Block loves to darty, love 
my family and sister Sheena, thanks 
for everything. 

Michelle A. Slater 


22 Cottage Street 

Memories: Old Orchard '08. Weekends 
with Britt, Jess, Diana, and Liz. The 
Tortoise and the long bow. Annual 
Disney Trip. Bruin's Games. My best 
friend Rita, no matter what. Italians 
Don't Do That. 

Christopher P. Smith 


10 North Rexhame Street 
Activities: Chemistry Club; Lacrosse 
Memories: going to Anna's, hanging 
out with my friends, and the fun times 
at lacrosse 

Kevin Smith 

Samantha Som 

Memories: Caldwell's foresight, being 
the new girl, and befriending the clever 
and kindest of BMHS. 

Hayley R. Spencer 

2 1 New Foster Avenue 
Activities: Gymnastics 1-4 
Memories: Good times with the crew 
in yasser's basement, BUS, Team 
Trixie & Team Helen, best friends. 
GYMNASTY always," kids don't do 
that." wait. ..what? Love you Mom. 

David Spinale 

Lauren A. St. Cyr 

Activities: Gymnastics 1-4; National 
Honor Society 3-4 

Memories: Taking care of my Kids, 
Hanging out in Donny's basement & 
the man cave, Summer 09, My girls. 
My boys, Team Trixie, Gymnasly, 
The BUS, Flow, Lord Dadams, 
Espana, Maine, Flo-Ridah, AP kids 
don't do that, wait.. .what? 


Class of 2010 

Brittany L. Stanley 

4 Keyes Road 

Activities: Future Teachers 2-4; 
National Honor Society 3-4; 
Homeroom Rep 3-4 
Memories: Karaoke Parties, The 
Nutcracker, The Mountains, Hampton 
Beach, Trips to the mall, Friday Night 
Football, The Movies, and so many 
more good times... 

Samantha O. Stone 


4 Riverhurst Road 

Activities: Soccer 1 -4; Track 1 ; 

Chemistry Club 3-4 

Memories: My girls stay wild! Jess 

and Raph love you both always! 

Thank you mom and dad for 

everything i love you both. Shannon 

S. Trip to Australia, New Zealand 

and Hawaii. D Block loves to Darty 

with Ms. Griff! 

Shawna M. Strazzere 

Shaw Strazz 

7 Apple Orchard Drive 

Activities: Basketball 1-2; Lacrosse 

1-4; Volleyball 1-4 

Memories: Maine, Volleyball Girls!, 

Where's Muise? Shut the sliding door! 

Red head trio, hangin with Lau and 

Mana, Great times with Knights and 


Neesha M. Suarez 


1 6 Ichabod Lane 

Activites: Soccer; Lacrosse; Track; 
National Honor Society 
Memories: soccer ladies; g'times at 
g'sons; halloween '09; 
trackies/forever; Dblock with 
sergio; too pretty; senior year with 
marisa; soup's sweet 16; terrific 
twelve; head band/helmet; 
interventions; scavenger hunt 
champs; popsicle break. 


Christopher Sullivan 

Stephanie Sullivan 

Sean Surdam 

Lilla E. Szekely 

14 Kenmar Drive 

Activities: National Honor Society 
3-4; Environmental Club L3; 
Community Club 1-3 
Memories: Best of times in art 
class with Mrs. Hough. Will miss 
Maria's Karaoke parties:) BMHS 
welcomes Hungarians forever! 


Class of 2010 

Maria Tim 

Memories: PARTY; Hakuna 
Matata!; Wanna Karaoke'?; 
Oboes...; Never Have I Ever game 
with fingers; MANHUNT!!; High 
Five!; "You got me day- 
dreeeeaaaminggggg!"; "Shirley 
temple on ICE!" All 1-4 

Heather R. Timmons 

12 Ferren Drive 

Activities: Soccer 1-4; Lacrosse 1-4; 
DECA 2-4; Yearbook 4 
Memories: This isn't the end, but the 
beginning. However, I can't say I won't 
miss the past. Ireland 316, soccer, dani, 
Livingston Street, dunkin's ice coffee, 
the firsts, jam sessions with mia, & so 
many more. 

Jessica L. Tocio 

9 Donald Road 

Memories: Tent Parties! Car dancing. 
Lauren getting run over. Car parties 
with Brenda and Lizelle. Mornings 
with the girls, Gonna miss you guys! 
Jodi-"Today's the day" Dance Parties! 
Thanks Mom and Dad, Love you. The 
rest of my life starts now. 

Michelle J. Torpey 

Activities: Italian Club 1-3; National 
Honor Society 3-4; Homeroom Rep 1-4 
Memories: Every story has an end but in 
life every ending is just a new beginning. 
So lets start this beginning with a touch 
upon the end: italy 08, ireland 316 touch 
it, friday night finger noodles, cadartys, 
fancy fastfood, and so much more. 

Vinny A. Tosto 


31 NolteRoad 
Activities: Wrestling 1-3 
Memories: Going to football, 
basketball and lacrosse games with 
friends. Pep Rallies. Celtic games 

Justin Turcotte 

Melissa G. Ulcena 


854 Boston Road 

Activities: Cross Country 1-4; Winter 
Track 1 -4; Spring Track 1 -4: DECA 
3-4; Peer Leader 2-4; Spanish-Italian 
Club 4 

Memories: HK 3302: ridiculous, 
XC&Track girls so many unforgettable 
memories&cra/.y escapades w/ you 
troublemakers, 4x8- 1 always shakin' il. 
NYC '08, the original pack, dungeon. 
DADAMS class, cspanol, adventures 
w/Gosh& Anna's, Jake C.'s reliable 
car, Walden Sundays, new&old friends, 
my family ily< j 

Wouter T. Van Beek 


3 1 Sprague Street 

Memories: Since the Fall w/ Pat, Ryan, 
Fish, & Delmo. Singing Lil John wilh 
Shawn V in art, Michelle L yelling @ 
John E @ lunch haha, I'll miss you :')!! 
Funny times in homeroom w/ Vigs; 
Stay Friiwsiy. Peace mil HMIIS, no 


Class of 2010 

Stephanie M. Vance 


5 Timbercreek Lane 
Activities: Soccer 1-4; Track 3-4; 
Basketball 1-3; Lacrosse 1-2; National 
Honor Society 3-4; Peer Leader 4 
Memories: Crazy soccer scavenger 
hunts with the team, AP Chemistry 
with Mr. Cohen and Alyson's squeegee, 
math competition and other ridiculous 
things with Krishna, pizza hut, Mr 
Adams class. .enough said, and rocking 
the party in the USA. 

Chris Vaughan 

Shawn W. Vereker 


349 Andover Road 

Activities: Wrestling 3; Baseball 1-4 

Memories: Too many memories, 

baseball pasta parties, parties at the 

Cole's, shout out to John V. BIG AL 

and the rest of the fam in hr 

3302. thanks to all my true friends for a 

great high school experience, you know 

who you are! 

Anthony R. Vigliotta 


56 Basswood Avenue 
Activities: Lacrosse 1; Tennis 3-4 
Memories: Flaccid. Sully's Jimmy 
impressions. Sean's ridiculously 
strange humor. Solo cup? Me and 
Kevin hairstylin'. Delmo's G.I. Joe 
moments. Dande, are you therious?! 
Trip to the Southern Pacific with 
my boys. Stayin frawsty in HR. 

Jonathan M. Villafuerte 

John V 

453 Middlesex Turnpike 
Activities: Soccer 1-4, Baseball 2-4. 
and Newspaper 1 -4 
Memories: I lived by 1 quote "a day 
without laughter is a day wasted". 
Great times with the ppl at BMHS, bros 
Al V and Vereker, and going to the 
games with the crew. And if there is 
one thing that I learned is flirting with 
the lunch ladies gets your plate filled. 

Alexander M. Voskaniii 


72 Andover Road 

Activities: Newspaper Club 1-4; 

Mock Trial 4 

Memories: Joining the "300" Club 
with Vinny, Taking over every 
classroom I ever attended, and The 
Boys Being Boys 

Courtney Waring 

Rebecca L. Welch 


1 Field Street 

Activities: Environmental Club 1-4; 
Community Service Club 1-4; 
Spanish/Italian Club 1-3; Yearbook 4 
Memories: Good times doing donuts 
and listen to uptown girls.Tony 
screaming! ALLISON M! Study with 
Catherine Wild nights blasting Lady 
gaga and TikTok. At the end of the 
night all we have to say is "I could sell 
my jeans and probably buy ur farm"<3 


Class of 2010 

Heather J. Wyatt 


1 6 Fardon Street 

Activities: GSA 1; National Honor 
Society 4; Ensemble 2-4; A Cappella 
4; Musical 1-4; Cheerleading 1-4 
Memories: Ensemble w/Jill, French 
w/Mme Bo, Being a Silly Girl, 
Dramafest. Cast Parties<3, Cheering 
w/Cheryl&Moe:love you! Dadams & 
Dagle, My '09 seniors& favorite '12s 
Hallee Alex Anna&Becca.O Si Funi 
Mungul.The Poparrazi <3,Late 
rehearsals, Lockdowns w/Mrs. 
Wilson & Ms.Schnell 

Kelli J. Yeo 


8 Glade Street 

Activities: Fall Cheering 1,4; Winter 
Cheering 1,4 

Memories: D5crew <3always. Yassers 
parties, THRUSHERS, fabz house, 
freshmen year<3 One LOVE Girls, 
Krys, Jord, Mic, Al<3bestfriends 

Caitlin Zamutto 

Camera Shy 2010 Graduates 

Joshua A. Amaya 

Jillian R. Bent 
Robert W. Bernoth 
Ashley R. Brunelle 
Cheryl Carey 
Emily L. Carroll 
Brittany L. Chestnut 
Danielle A. Chestnut 
Leroy M. Chifamba 

Fedner Claude 
Teresa M. Cuticchia 
Christopher F. Davey 
Nancy Duong 
Lea Jimenez 
Kaitlyn A Kelley 
Lucas D. Lamonthe 
Mark A. Lanza 
Marisa Limoli 
Sarah Maguire 

Brianna M. Maillet 
Lauren A. Norman 
Jared J. Ozolins 
Justin M. Perron 
Christopher M. Perry 
Derek Pratt 
Anthony E. Rieser 
Antonio S. Rossiter 

Paul A. Silvestri 
Jeffrey A. Spencer 
Ashley N. Squires 
Olivia H. St. John 
Jeanette M. Stefaniak 

Luke M. Sullivan 
Cassandra L. Thomas 
Arthur M. Tucker Jr. 
Ummesalma M. Vajihuddin 
Michael S. Wade 
Eric E. Wilson 






Emily Fii urra 


Jessica Janus 

Amanda Joyce 

Kaitlin Kelly 

Kyle Kennedy 

Lucas Kessler 

Chris Lomanno Geraldine Lorbes Joe Luciano Katrina MacAfee Erin Macdowell 

Our Favorites 



Life of the 

Nancy Duong 

El Hamawy 

Class Comedians 

Kevin Mahaney & 
Barbara Jenkins 

Most Talkative 

Brenda Kissane 
& Chris Sennott 


Class of 2010 

Clyde Carmont & Allison Membrino 

i or 


Best Actor & Actress 

Luke Sullivan & 
Katerina MacAfee 

Class of 2010 



Sarah Burns 

Evan Corliss 

Most Talented 

Dan Desantis & Gel Lorbes 




Caitlin Hill 

Ashley Barrett 
& Haik Selian 

Michael Canty & Amy Greensmith 

Class of 2010 


Most School Spirit 

Ryan Nickerson & 
Elana Megerian 



Most Likely to Succeed 

Kevin Norman & Lizelle Comfort 




become a student of dhav\qe 
it is tf\e ov\\y\t\\v\q tfiaf will 
remom constant , - Antfonu Uhv\qe\o 


Yusul Abdulmagid 
lan Abrahamson 
Kristin Abramo 
[mtiaz Ahmed 
[stiak Ahmed 
Shawn Alexander 
Kristin Andreasen 
Rachel Annese 

Nathaniel Arevalo 
Kareen Arrey 
Daniel Avtgis 
Rachel] Baldwin 
Joseph Barrett 
Michael Barry 
Karen Batchelder 
Edward Bayiales 

Alexis Beck 
Caitlyn Bijeol 
Madison Bishop 
Nicole Blaney 
Nicholas Blauvelt-Sugrue 
Derek Bosworth 
Ryan Boudreau 
Joseph Brady 

Melissa Breen 
Andrew Broderick 
Ryan Burdick 
Jessica Burgett 
Michael Burke 
Kyle Burnelt 
Francis Burns 
Christopher Buscemi 

Amanda Butler 
Brianna Butler 
Michelle Button 
Joshua Cabili 
Richard Cain 
Brian Camerano 
Amanda Campbell 
Hector Candiani 

Brian Canniff 
Candie Canning 
Cameron Caples 
Austin Capone 
Sarah Carew 
Cheryl Carey 
Felicia Carey 
Samantha Cascio 

Kaillin Casey 
Colleen Cavalier 
Elizabeth Centauro 
Jessica Cheek 
Mariam Chekmeyan 
Emily Chiasson 
Heather Chiros 
Joseph Ciccone 

Jaclyn Cierri 
Stephen Ciotti 
Brandon Clark 
Meiinda Clemens 
Stefany Cobb 
Leo Cody 
Brandon Coelho 
Jordan Cole 

Alicia Columbus 
Nicole Comfort 
Mackenzie Coneeny 
Mary Connell 
Kyle Corcoran 
Shaun Corum 
Sean Coughlin 
Ryan Courtenay 


John Griffin 
Benjamin Hachcy 
Kelly Hachcy 
Kory Hansen 
Meaghan Hardy 
William Harris 
Robyn Hart 
Curtis Hcaly 

Leah Houston 
Briana Hickcy 
Kasey Higgins 
Kevin Homem 
Justin Hood 
Caillyn Hubbard 
Eric Hughes 
Chelsey Hynes 

Dalton James 
Peter Janus 
Jeffrey Jean-Phillipe 
Conor Johnson 
Kayla Johnson 
Marissa Jones 
Alexandre Jorge 
Erica Josselyn 

Katelyn Joy 
Meghan Kaffine 
Sarah Kalmes 
Jonathan Kaul 
John Kelleher 
Graham Kelly 
James Kelly 
Alexandrea Kiklis 

Justin King 
Eric Kinney 
Maddy Knowles 
Mitchell Kurker 
Jason Lagross 
Ibrahim Lahlaf 
Jessica Lavertue 
Jennifer Lawson 

Dat Le 
Justin Leger 
Tyler Lewis 
Andrew Loranger 
Danielle Loranger 
Stephanie Lucas 
Susana Luder 
Janessa Luke 

Joseph Maccini 
Mary Kate Macdonald 
Scott Macdonald 
Amanda Mackenzie 
Heidy Madrid 
Joshua Mahoney 
Zachary Mahoney 
Kristina Mallard 

Kyle Malone 
Jessica Mancuso 
Anna Manetta 
Katelynn Mann 
Stephen Manoukian 
Cedrick Manuel 
Joshua Martel 
Elizabeth Mason 

Emily Massa 
Christian May 
Mackenzie Maynard 
Jessica Mazzone 
Allyson McAvoy 
Meghan McCarthy 
Brittney McCoy 
Zachary McDonough 




Adam Royston 
Johnathan Rubcski 
Tymothy Rum ley 
Alicia Rush 
Edward Sacco 
Joseph Salon 
Samir Sanariya 
Danielle Sanchez 

Erika Sanderson 
Nicholas Sanloro 
Jacqulyn Sardina 
Thomas Savini 
Derick Scheffer 
Craig Schcllcnbach 
Alex Schnelter 
Matthew Sheehan 

Stephanie Sherburne 
Melanie Simpson 
Katie Skara 
Dennis Slattery 
Sean Slattery 
Ryan Smathers 
Jacqueline Smith 
Sean Smith 

Jonathan Sousa 
Dominique Spencer 
Phillip Spencer 
Dylan Stevens 
Alyssa Stonesifer 
Ashley Stumpf 
Sean Surdam 
Dylan Svenson 

Timothy Taker 
Stephen Taylor 
Wesley Taylor 
Kristen Ternullo 
Heather Thihert 
Jaime Tocio 
Hristina Tontcheva 
Michael Trant 

Travis Tripodi 
Derek Tsaknopoulos 
Valerie Valeriani 
Nicole Vankuilenburg 
Kleopatra Vasili 
Prince Martin Villasorda 
Ian Vincent 
Brian Violette 

Nicholas Violette 
Jared Vitale 
Sarah Walker 
Tyier Wasson 
Kaitlyn Waters 
Kyle White 
Grant Whiteway 
Bradley Wilkes 

Lindsey Wilson 
Kelli Yeo 
Jevon Yu 
Miriam Zizza 

Joseph Zuccaro 



Alexandra Adler 
Makenzie Altobelli 
Ashley Anderson 
Clayton ArrOCO 
Haylcy Atkinson 
Parker Bailey 
Katterina Balboni 
Rachel Baldwin 

Caitlin Barbas 
Haylea Barbieri 
Matthew Barden 
Ryan Baroni 
Krislina Barry 
Robert Battcock 
Jessica Baumann 
Jordan Beaudry 

Victoria Belakhov 
Joseph Bernbaum 
Timothy Bernbaum 
Dylan Bettencourt 
Irini Billiri 
Jozef Black 
David Blois 
Jasmine Bou-Nassif 

Robert Bourgeois 
Renee Boyden 
Patrick Bradanese 
Anna Brajak 
Alexis Brandano 
Tina Brewster 
Justin Brookings 
Erin Brooks 

Katy Brooks 
Kyle Bmnelle 
Alex Buchanan 
Kelsey Bunker 
Keith Buoncuore 
Jacquelyn Burke 
Patrick Burns 
Russell Callahan 

Andrew Campbell 
Christopher Campbell 
Richard Canada 
Katelyn Canario 
Morgan Cancel! iere 
Carley Cann 
Troy Cantalupo 
Joshua Capraro 

Alexandria Carter 
Joshua Castonguay 
Nicole Cataldo 
Meghan Catania 
Gregory Cedrone 
Megan Celona 
Anthony Chiccarelli 
Jonah Choe 

Andrew Ciccariello 
Donald Clericuzio 
Gina Cloutier 
Caitlin Coakley 
Nathan Coates 
Derek Coffey 
Ashley Colantuoni 
Brian Cole 

Edward Collins 
Paul Collins 
Brendan Connell 
Kellie Connors 
Maureen Corbett 
Kyle Corkery 
Cassandra Corliss 
Thomas Cormier 


Joyce Cortez 
Jennifer Couture 
Michelle Crenshaw 
Haley Crimmings 
Matthew Crosson 
Cameron Crowley 
Thomas Crowley 
Ashley Cunneen 

Andrew Cunningham 
Kelly Dangora 
Elizabeth Darrigo 
Sean Davis 
Nicholas Delmonaco 
Ashley Demers 
Kristina Derosier 
Justin Desilva 

Tricia Devlin 
Kelsey Dicicco 
Thorsten Dieckow 
Daniel Difabio 
Angela Difrancesco 
Mitchell Dimanche 
Jennifer Dinh 
Danielle Diorio 

Alex Doherty 
Kevin Doherty 
William Doherty 
Heather Donoghue 
Bianca Doone 
Margaret Doucette 
Jake Douglass 
Kyle Douglass 

Conor Driscoll 
McKayla Duby 
Emily Dukett 
Meagan Dunleavy 
Vanessa Dussault 
Dylan Edmonds 
Timothy Eikenberry 
Christopher Einarson 

John Eldridge 
John Ellis 
Ryan Enos 
Nicholas Evans 
Alexis Fallon 
Christopher Farrow 
Jaylene Faulkner 
Timothy Ferguson 

Michelle Fcrola 
Ashley Ferreira 
Mariana Ferreira 
Jason Ferri 
Michael Flynn 
Dylan Folland 
Myah Folland 
Brittany Fone 

Ian Fox 

Meghan Francioso 
Timothy Fraser 
Brittany Frederick 
Justin Fritz 
Arthur Fulgoni 
Matthew Gallant 
Ccdclyn Gamble 

Jose Garcia 

Kelly (icdick 
Melissa Gedick 
Rebecca Gilllfl 
< !hrinlophci < liordano 
Paige ( llcbus 

Jason tirace 
I on nth on f Iraham 


Joseph C Irani 
Sulii v:mi Griffin 
Chantel Guerette 
Brian Guittarr 
Raymond 1 (amilton 
Matthew Harl 
Brian Heckbert 
Krystal Heffernan 

Mason Heuston 
Daniel Hill 
Joseph Hill 
Cassandra Hilpert 
Ryan Hoffmann 
Grady Holt 
Brian Homan 
Meghan Horan 

Emily Howe 
Graham Hughes 
Corinne Huntley 
Nicholas Hussey 
Tyler Igo 
Edward Jankowski 
Jack Jenkins 
Timothy Jenkins 

Kathleen Jimenez 
Alexander Johnson 
Serena Johnson 
Sahil Kamthewala 
Denise Kardosz 
Carolyn Kelly 
Justin Knickle 
Alexis Knight 

Emily Koles 
Andrew Kriff 
Brandon Kuzmich 
Safiya Lahlaf 
Ashley Laing 
Sam Lamothe 
Eric Larson 
Kevin Laska 

Nicholas Laspada 
Michael Lecce 
Rachel Lightner 
Nikolay Liharski 
Katherine Liotine 
Steevie Litchfield 
Denzel Livingston 
Eric Logan 

Jessica Lopes 
Sarah Lopes 
Ana Lougee-Rodriguez 
Jake Loureiro 
Michelle Lowder 
Stephanie Lunt 
Megan Macdonald 
Cameron Maceachern 

Ryan Macfarland 
Ryan Macleod 
Rebecca Macmillan 
Bryan Maga 
Miranda Maguire 
Megan Mahoney 
Jonathan Majeski 
Lauren Maloney 

Julianne Manzi 
Erica Marchant 
Henry Marin 
Kaitlyn Markola 
Nicole Marley 
Christopher Martin 
Sarah Matthews 
Erneston Maurissaint 


Theresa Mayott 
Patrick McCallum 
Michael McCormack 
Sean McGehee 
Brianna MeHugh 
William Mclnnis 
Kristine McLaughlin 
Thomas McLaughlin 

Brian McLay 
Benjamin Melaugh 
Corine Meliek 
Katelyn Melo 
Aline Mendes 
Gregory Micalizzi 
Aaron John Micl 
James Miele 

Sarah Miller 
Meredith Mills 
Katie Millstein 
Brianna Mohla 
Casi Mooney 
Zachary Mooney 
Darnell Moore 
Tayla Moran 

Kelly Morris 
Christina Morrison 
Crystal Morrison 
Sarah Morrison 
Mary Beth Morrissey 
Maryjo Morrissey 
Shawn Morrissey 
Robert Moschella 

Ariah Murphy 
Katelyn Murphy 
Robert Murphy 
Veronica Murray 
Erika Nadile 
Ashley Napoiitano 
Samantha Napoiitano 
Melanie Nault 

Ryan Nickerson 
Elizabeth Norman 
Benjamin Nye 
Mary O'Brien 
Alexander O" Leary 
Stephen (X Leary 
Kyle CTNeil 
Adam Ochab 

Shannon Oconnor 
Nayiri Ohanian 
Victoria Oliva 
Anna Olson 
Ashley Olson 
Ross Olsson 
Casey Overton 
Martin Owens 

Mark Allen Pagkaliwangan 
Stephen Parise 
Brad Parker 
Kaylcc Parsons 
Lisa Passanisi 
Jay Patcl 
Matthew Peltier 
Elisabeth Penney 

Rebecca Percuoco 
Ashlee Perkins 
Jenna Pcrronc 
Michael PciTOlti 
Bryan Peterson 
Derek Peterson 

Christina Pctropoulos 
Rcb& i .i Pinalfl 

Joseph Pittorino 
Alexandra Pitts 
Jennifer Pope 
Nicole Proulx 
Kris ten Pustizzi 
Byron Ramirez 
Rachael Ramos 
Jordan Raney 

Arthur Raposo 
Paulo Raye 
Jacob Rayncr 
Kristina Recher 
Haley Regal 
Kalhryn Regal 
Sean Remold 
William Ricard 

Jessica Richards 
Ashley Riley 
Samuel Rizzari 
James Robichaud 
Tayla Robichaud 
William Rocha 
Meaghan Roche 
Chanda Rockett 

Cameron Rodwell 
Emily Rowland 
Jared Roy 
Kelsey Ruffing 
Tasha Rush 
Rachael Ryan 
Fahra-Cecilia Sako 
Martina Salem 

Kassandra Salisbury 
Christopher Sanchez 
Colleen Sanders 
Erin Sanderson 
Aimee Sanford 
Laura Sargent 
David Saulnier 
Michael Savage 

Joseph Sciortino 
Eric Scrofano 
David Sgroi 
Matthew Shannon 
Michael Shannon 
Kawika Shidaki 
Valentina Shubina 
Mathew Sinotte 

Alexander Slanda 
Cameron Slatton 
Casey Slejzer 
Alexander Smith 
Michelle Soloski 
Christopher Soly 
Daniel Soly 
Matthew Souza 

Kimberly Spinale 
Samantha Sprague 
Christopher Sprinsky 
Meredith Stanton 
Robert J Stanton 
Brianna Starr 
Brandon Stoffers 
Kyle Stuart 

Daniel Sullivan 
Nicole Sullivan 
Patrick Sullivan 
Eric Summerlin 
C. Jay Sutton 
David Swider 
Francis Tainter 
Joshua Taker 



Kylcr Adams 
Timothy Adams 
Marc Aismondo 
Jaclyn Alipcrla 
Juleysmarie Almodovar 
Moriah Alien Flagg 
Steven Alvcs 
Natalie Andrcason 

Courtney Angel 
Kayla Arsenault 
Scott Arsenault 
Courtney Bambury 
Victoria Banks 
Erin Baronas 
Nicole Barrett 
Kaillynn Bartley 

Tayla Bassett 
Zachary Baudanza 
Patrick Baxter 
Steven Bayiates 
Austin Benson 
Sabrina Best 
James Bijeol 
Timothy Blois 

Kylie Boyle 
Emma Brennan 
Samuel Brien 
Sarah Bullock 
Jodi Buoncuore 
Brian Burgos 
Christie Caliendo 
Anthony Capalino 

Peter Capodilupo 
Allison Carbone 
Abigail Carroll 
Breanna Carroll 
Katie Casazza 
Steven Cascio 
Henry Casey 
Michael Casey 

Emily Catanzano 
Amanda Cayer 
Charles Cedrone 
Jessica Celona 
Jacob Champagne 
David Chando 
Jagpreet Chani 
Brandon Chasse 

Hannah Cierri 
Joseph Cierri 
Timothy Clark 
Matthew Clifford 
Joshua Coffey 
Luis Benjamin Collado 
Michael Conant 
William Cook III 

Alison Cote 
Michaela Creeden 
Danielle Cross 
Anthony Croteau 
Samantha Cruz 
Alycia Cullen 
Emma D'Alessandro 
Nicholas D Antuono 

Anthony Dangora 
Danien Darosa 
Matthew Darrigo 
Ariana Dasilva 
Kevin Dasilva 
Rebecca Dasilva 
Joshua Davidson 
Ashley Davis 


Scott Davis 
Andrew Dawlson 
Joshua Dechristoforo 
Brendon Dedomemeo 
Kelsey Dedomenico 
Chad Dellaporta 
Sage Delmonico 
Matthew Demarco 

Cassandra Demogenes 
Lauren Demoy 
Mason Deyoung 
Anthony Diduca 
Gabrielle Dilemme 
Kristina Diorio 
Jaime Dodd 
Kara Irene Doherty 

Alyssa Dolber 
James Donovan 
Timothy Donovan-Ayers 
Kristen Dooley 
Kaleigh Dougherty 
Bradley Drewek 
Mark Duncan 
Ashley Dunn 

Jessica Dussi 
Victoria Eaton 
Gina Eldridge 
Myles Elrick 
Michael Erickson 
Victoria Fabiano 
Sean Farmer 
Kevin Farrell 

Matthew Febles 
Anthony Fennell 
Daniel Ferguson 
Samantha Ferguson 
Ryan Figenbaum 
Kerri Filippone 
Alexander Finestone 
Megan Finnegan 

Jake Fitzgerald 
Sean Fitzgerald 
Harrison Fleishman 
Zachary Florio 
Mark Fogerty 
Amanda Forrest 
Noelle Fournier 
Maxwell Frawley 

Dylan Freeland 
Brian Furlong 
Shannon Gallagher 
Amber Garside 
Kayla Gibbs 
Kory Glavin 
Johnpaul Glynn 
Alyssa Godin 

Koraima Gon/akv 
Danyle Gorcham 
Cassie Gorham 
Cassandra Gould 
Samantha Goulet 
Daniel Grant 
Cojcc ( irccnhuw 
Kate Grynkiewiez 

Amanda ( iuarino 
rravis < lucked 
Christian Gucrrici 
Stephen (imsii 
Michael Hainca 
Alexandra Hamiltoi 
Emily Hanlon 
Kaelo Hanlon 

Kourtni I lansen 
Robert Harrington 
Erica Hart 
Emma Hcalcy 
Mikayla Heckbert 
Maiihcw Herrmann 
Michael Hkkey 
Leighann Hodgkins 

Emily Hommcl 
Courtney Houston 
Brian Howe 
Stephanie Hunter 
Samantha Hynes 
Giana Interbartolo 
Alex Jacques 
Vikrant Jangra 

Ryan Jenkins 
Maranda Johnston 
Shubhankar Joshi 
Olivia Judson 
Christine Kardosz 
Thomas Karis 
Conor Kelly 
John Kepple 

Nabila Khalifa 
Charles Khoshabjian 
John Kilian 
Matthew Killilea 
Joslyn King 
James Kinsella 
Arianna Kirby 
Paul Kirchner 

Kaitlyn Kisiel 
Brendan Knickle 
Chiara Lamourine 
Sean Landry 
Devin Larson 
Dylan Lavery 
Vanessa Law 
Holly Lawson 

Brian Leclair 
Kara Leclair 
Kyle Leclair 
Marrissa Leonard 
Kimberly Leopold 
Kayla Leverone 
Lorraine Lison 
Brittany Lomanno 

Catrina Longo 
Frances Lopez 
Ryan Loranger 
Edward Lossman 
Hailey Luce 
Amanda Lucidi 
Vanessa Ly 
Erika Lynch 

Richard Macdonald 
Kyle Macfarland 
Braden Macinnis 
Taylor Mackinnon 
Michael Maffeo 
Michael Maga 
Daniel Maguire 
Joseph Mahoney 

Michael Mallard 
Jason Maniscalco 
Mayien Mao-Nhem 
Megan Marion 
Conrad Marks 
Samantha Marsala 
Rachel Marsh 
Sarah Martell 



Giovanni Ricciardi 
Bretl Rich 
Mikayla Riley 
James Rita 
Olivia Rivers 
Robert Rizzari 
Dylan Rogers 
Kenneth Rogers 

Shane Rosario 
Caitlin Rose 
Michael Roulic 
Caitlin Roy 
William Sagner 
Rosa Salazar 
Drew Salk 
Katelyn Sanderson 

Ryan Santarpio 
Cody Schneller 
Caitlyn Schreib 
Joseph Schultz 
Michael Sears 
Kristin Selian 
Robert Senesi 
Barry Serbin 

Melissa Shattuck 
Joseph Sheehan 
Emily Sherburne 
Nichole Sherburne 
Katyana Sheridan 
Alexander Silva 
Ashley Silver 
Douglas Siivestri 

Valerie Siravo 
Keith Skellon 
Larri Lee Skidders 
Daniel Smirnov 
Daniel Smith 
Samantha Smith 
Danielle Snider 
Steven Rhejohn So 

Victoria Spencer 
Paul Spinale 
Taylor Stanley 
Joseph Stenquist 
Hailey Stimpson 
Allison Stone 
Kyle Strauss 
Hailey Sughrue 

Brian Sullivan 
Mukul Surajiwale 
Steven Surprise 
Shyleen Tanhira 
Marissa Tansino 
Morgan Teal 
Russell Tedford 
Taylor Tedford 

Stephanie Ternullo 
Cairo Thompson 
Rhiannon Tinker 
Briana Tognarelli 
Jillian Tolan 
Veselina Tontcheva 
Daniel Trainor 
Steven Trask 

Nathaniel Treanor 
Leonardo Trindade 
Kevin Twombly 
Vanessa Valeriani 
Nhal Vu 
Christina Walker 
Lindsey Wallace 
Kayla Walsh 



Education is tf\e most powerful weapon 
wfilcfi \p\A cav\ use to cf\av\qe tf\e world 

-Nelson Mandela 



June 2010 

Dear Class of 20 10, 

The future is yours. It will be filled with boundless opportunities 
and the independence of adult life. Will societies meet the 
challenges ahead? How will you measure yourself to these 

I can assure you the the positives will outweigh the problems. Keep 
the winning spirit and an attitude of success. I know you can be a 
credit to yourselves, your families, Billerica Memorial High 
School, and the Town of Billerica. 

I join with the Billerica School Committee in congratulating each 
and every one of the Class of 2010. May your future be filled with 
happiness and achievement. 

Congratulations and best wishes, 

Anthony Serio, Ed.D. 
Superintendent of Schools 

Assistant Superintendents 

Department Heads 


Dr. Safier 
Assistant Superintendent 
of Curriculum 

Mr. Antonelli 

Assistant Superintendent 
of Business 

Mr. Piwowar 

Ms. Galdston 



Dear Class of 2010, 

Graduation recognizes years of cooperative effort between you, your 
teachers, parents and the Billerica community who have worked to 
prepare you to embark upon the next chapter in your lives. 

While at BMHS, you have enjoyed success in the classroom, in the 
Performing and Visual Arts, on the playing field, at DECA 
Competitions and numerous other activities in your pursuit of group 
and individual goals. You provided aide for those impacted by 
natural disasters and other life altering events locally and throughout 
the world. The Class of 2010 supported the men and women in the 
armed forces and helped to build a home for a soldier wounded in 
action. Your participation in a day of pluralism strengthened your 
understanding and appreciation for the cultures of the world. 

You will always be remembered as the Class of 2010, a group that 
developed as one cohesive unit and collectively represented BMHS in 
a wide range of activities. I speak for all members of the faculty in 
saying: you should be proud of what you have accomplished and 
know that there is much more for you to do! As you embark on the 
next phase in your lives, we are confident in your ability to positively 
impact society. 

Congratulations and Best of Luck! 

Mr. Soraghan, Principal 

Assistant Principals 

Ms. Biagiotti 

Class of 2010 

Mr. Brooks 
( hiss of 201 I 

Ms. Bonaiuto 

Class of 2012 

Faith Harvey Michele Hayes Amanda Hillson Esther Hines Stephanie Holleman u 

Diane Killeen B rigid Killian Deana Kirsch ' Vera Korsh-Hough Shawn Landry 


Most Dedicated 
Ms. Hines 
Mr. Desmond 



Tears will get \40\A sympathy, 
sweat will get yo\A Change 

-Jesse Jackson 

1 17 


im Canniff, Tyler Moules, Ryan Nickerson, 
id Steve Hunter 


Back Row: Stephan Petropoulos, Pat Aker, Sean Allen, Matt Horan, 
Alberto Fernandes, Ryan Burke, Yasser Elhamawy. 
Front Row: Tyler Moules, Tim Canniff, Ryan Nickerson, Steve Hunter 

'wnt Row: Matthew Horan, Pat Aker, Stephan Petropoulos, Yassar Hlhamawy, Tim Canniff, Tyler Moules, Ryan Nickerson, 
teve Hunter, Alberto Fernandes, Ryan Burke, Sean Allen 

'ack Row: Coach John Vassallo, Alex Smith, CJ May, Conor Johnson, Tom Fitzpatrick, Shaun Corum, Alex Jorge, Chris 
anchez, Joe Hill, Austin Capone, Graham Hughes, Brian Canniff 




j LW i "Play hard or 
go home! " 

Season Wrap-Up 


From the beginning of summer camp to the final 
match, we played together as a family. Captains Nicole 
Curtis, Jessica Janus, Marisa Marion and Stephanie 
Vance worked hard with the team to figure out how to 
make this year a success. With our fear-none, respect-ael 
attitude, we knew we had the heart to persevere through 
the season. From the beginning of the voyage when we; 
sprinted up the hills, we knew we had something special 
After insane pasta parties and crazy scavenger hunts atit 
Chief's, the team was able to send Jenny D'Urso, Stephi 
Micalizzi and Nicole Curtis to the Merrimack Valley AII-S5 
Team. With our big win against Andover and engagemee 
against Peabody, we knew this team was one-of-a-kind, l 
something special, a love that cannot be torn or replaced 
Jess' knee, Mia's ankle, Steph and Neesha's concussion 
Jen's foot... can you say Billerica tough? After all these 
injuries, we managed to finish the season with double wi, 
against Chelmsford, along with several other great game 
Strong, tough, dedicated - that's Billerica Girls' Soccer! 
Now the voyage is over but never forgotten. Teammatessl 
will always hold a place in our hearts. It's been a great 
journey fighting some crazy pirates, among others, but oa 
four years playing soccer has been the most memorablee 
ever. When we leave, remember to help Manoogian withn 
her PKs. I think I speak for all of us when I say that we ad 
really going to miss it, the whole soccer experience. Thiss 
year we rocked the Party in the USA and we leave our 
soccer girls the shed, insane pasta parties, and 
Al... Remember to play hard, win big, together! 


First Row. Samantha Stone, Jessica Chirichetti, Neesha Suarez, Heather 

Timmons, Stephanie Micalizzi 
Second Row. Mia Dangora, Nicole Curtis, Marissa Canfield, Stephanie 
Johnson, Stephanie Vance, Marisa Marion, Jessica Janus 


phanie Vance, Marisa Marion, Jessica Janus, and Nicole Curtis 

Row de// to Right): Stephanie Vance, Nicole Curtis, Marisa Marion, Jessica Janus 
~ond Row: Heather Timmons, Mia DAngora, Samantha Stone, Stephanie Johnson, Marissa ( antield, Jessica Chirk hetti, Ni-esha.Suare/., Stephanie Mit alizzi 
ird Row: Coach Tom Severo, Jennifer D'Urso, Veronica Murray, Rebecca Per< UOCO, Amanda Campbell, Silva Chekmeyan, Meghan ( atania, Christina 
tropoulos, Coach Ceorge Roach 


First Row: Doug Peterson, Clyde 
Carmant, Phil Heck, Wayne Bolz, Jim 
Holland, Chris Clark, Bryan Higgins, 
Brendan Gallahue 
Second Row: Aaron Pelletier, Marcus 
aniels, Sean Liberty, Dan Chase, Sean 
Jougherty, James Roth, John Shattuck, 
Matt Johnson, Kyle Kennedy, 
Leroy Chifamba 
Not pictured- Brian Milo 


/de Carmant, Phil Heck, Coach 
mn, Wayne Bolz, and Jim Holland 

' it / Row: John Shattuck, Aaron Pelletier, Dan Chase, Matt Johnson, Sean Dougherty, James Roth, Doug Peterson, Clyde Carmant, Phil I leek, Coach Plynn, 
Wayne Bolz, Jim Holland, Chris Clark, Bryan Higgins, Brendan Gallahue 

Second Row: Curtis Healy, Adam Duhamel, Justin King, Idrees Addam, Joe Mulligan, fustin I lood, Evan Ryan, Marcus Daniels, Scan Liberty, Kyle 
Kennedy, Leroy Chifamba, Nick Laspada, Matt Robinson, Connor Elmore, Ian Abrahamson, 

Third Row: Bill McGinnis, Robert Battock, Connor Driscoll, Kyle Corkery, Matt Clfford, Ryan McP'arland, Scott Davis, Vince Mil lain, Salmi I )ib, Ryan 
Donohoe, Brandon Coelho, Cory Penta, Nick Fulgoni, Jason LaCross, Andrew Fulgoni 

fourth Row: Tim Eikenberry, Brian Peterson, Josh Westcott, Kevin Doherty, Mike McCormack, ( harlic ( 'edrone, Mike Casey, ( lii is Soley. Willie Richard, 
Byron Rameriz, Kyle Stewart, Justin Frit/, Brian Thompson, Dylan Bettencourl 

' >ph Row: David Blois, Robbie Murphy, Connor McDonough, Mike Mallard, Russell I edford, William ( look, Anthony ( lapalino, I >enzel I ivingston, ( !hris 
Martin, Dan I )ifabio, Kyle O'Neil, Henry Marin, Jason Ferrier, Matt Shannon, Tyler Igo 

Sixth Row: Alec Mattar, Max Frawley, Mark Duncan, Mike Mulligan, Connor Kelly, Steven I rask, Man Asamundo, Bobby Senesi, ( had I )ellaporta, Brai I 
Drewek, Dylan Lavery, Ed Jankowski, Justin Brookings 

Hnck Row: Coach J. Capozzi, Coach S. Capoz/.i, Coach MacKay, Coach Knight, ( oacb Mi( arthy,< oach Fall, < oach Walsh, ( oach I yons 

I irsi Row (Left to Right): Cheryl Carey, Heather Wyatt, Adina Scola, Shannon Kinsley, Amy ( Ireensmith. 
Second Row. Candie Canning, Brittney McCoy, Janessa l.uke, Krissy McNeill, Shawna Wilson, Paige ( Ilebus. 

7 hird Row: McKayla Duby, Kaylee Parsons, Maureen Corbett, Ariah Murphy, Victoria I urkette, Alex I )oheily, Vi« tori.i Banks, [essi< a ( elona 
Back Row: Caitlyn Schreib, Cassie Corham, Alycia Cullen, Kayla Walsh, Kerri Mt( !urdy ; Noelle Fournier, Brittany Ratte 

& Diving 


DO We can't fly, but 
swimming is the 
next best 

thing.... The water is 
our sky. 1 1 
- Author Unknown 


Front Row: Amy Edwards, Kaitlyn Dussi, Liz Libro, 
Diana Madden, Anna Clifford, Brittany Schissler 
Back Row: Jessica Piscatelli, Caitlin Hill, Stephanie 
Cloutier, Sarah Quatieri, Jamie Breingan 


arah Quatieri, Head Coach Fiore, Stephanie Cloutier, 
aitlin Hill 

toil Row (Left to Right): Gina Cloutier, Michelle Button, Katie ( lallagher, Vanessa Valeriani, Michelle Paulsen, Emma l lealey, Kate ( Irynkiewicz, ( andii e 
fillips, Brianna McHugh, Ashley Nadeau 
•csnd Row: Emma D'Alessandro, Danielle Loranger, Jordan Raney, jess Baumann, Kira Trunfio, Tayla Anderson-Robi( haud, ( aitlin Barbas, Ashley Riley, Sarah 
atthews, Nicole Proulx 

mi Row: Kali Playter, Hristina Toncheva, Va! Fusco, Brooke ( .arvey, Marissa (ones, Miriam ( hekmeyan, Aimee Sanford, [ai qulyn Sardina, Alex < )les, 
manda Lucidi, Lauren Gary, Kathryn Norman, Kati Phelan, Rachel Annese, Jacque Rideout, Nicole Vankuilenburg, Anna Manetta, Veselina I "m he\ a 
Kk Row: Amy Edwards, Jessica Piscatelli, Diana Madden, Liz Libro, Stephanie Cloutier, Caitlin Hill, Sarah Quatieri, Kaitlyn Dussi, Anna ( lifford, famie 
gjngan, Brittany Schissler, Coach Katie Fay, Coach Beth Colandreo, Coach Anthony liorc (Nol Pit I u ret I I laley ( 'rimmin^s, I'.iylnn M< ( .nn,i);lc, Kleo Vasili) 

Season Write-Up 

The first game of the season was a 
huge victory vs. Chelmsford. With eight 
seniors and a few juniors and sophomore* 
we proved to be a strong team. We were 
14-6 with close games against Central 
Catholic and Andover. We were lucky 
enough to get a states home game vs. 
Lexington where we won and moved on t(t> 
the quarter finals. We have never had a 
better season or more fun. Despite a leak* 
roof canceling our senior night and our 
coach leaving to have a baby, the seasom 
was still amazing. Thanks girls for such ai 
fun season. Love you all! 


First Row. Becca Brajak, Randi Ochab, Jillian Rosa, Alyson Brooks, Shawna Strazzere, Michelle Knight, Michelle Muise, 
Meghan Knight 

Second Row. Coach Higgins, Michelle Ricci, Nicole Comfort, Emily Koles, Erin Brooks, Kayla Johnson, Colleen Cavallier, 
Coach Minor 

B oys Cross 
" Country 


Season Write- Up 

The 2009 Cross Country Team had a 
very successful season. Under second year 
head coach Catie Button, the team finished 
with one more win than the 2008 season. 
Underclassmen, led by juniors Kyle White, 
Ryan DeRosier, Jake Griffin, and sophomorn 
Pat Burns contributed to the success of the 
team. The seniors also played an important 
role this year, led by Captains Zachary L. 
Creeden, Jake Carmichael, Matt Doyle, and 
Derek Rich. We greatly improved our team 
unity and teamwork. We had a lot of laughs, 
and ate a lot of pizza. We hope future teams 
have much success in the upcoming season 

First Row (Left to Right): Fran Burns, Andrew Norman, Kyle White, lake ( .riffin, ),ike ( ,irmic h,iel, Z.u'h ( reeden, I ,eo ( 'oilv, 
Pat Bums 

Second Row: David Swider, Steve O'Leary, I )erek Kit h, Brett Rich/ Lachey Ross, ( Iraham Kelly, Mall I )nyle, Za< li Florio, 
Brendan Coz, Coach Catie Button 



Season Wrap-Up 


The 2009 Girls Cross Country team had aa 
very successful season. In the Merrimack Vallly 
Conference, which includes some of the best 
teams in the state, the girls had an overall recc:d 
of 7-3. One of the highlights of the seasons wJ I 
their 2nd place finish at the MVC Champions!! 
meet in November. Despite all odds put agaim; 
them, the girls were able to place 8th in the 
extremely competitive Division 1 State 
Championship, making this the 5th consecutive 
year that the girls have had a top 1 finish in til 
meet. Senior Melissa Ulcena advanced as a 
individual to the All State Championship Meett 
Northfield Mountain. Senior Nikki Billiri served} 
a team manager and was a huge help to Coaod 
Cullen Hagan. Throughout the season, the girlr 
had many ups and downs, but what they will 
ultimately remember are the friendships that 
were made and the family that was created. 

Front Row (Left to Right): Kristina Diorio, Beth Norman, Megan Celona, Nikki Billiri, Lauren I'ena, ( iosia C V.erwonka, Melissa Ulcena, C airo 
Thompson, Nicole- Barrett, Rachel Marsh 

Second Row. Coach Hagan, Christina Rose, Natalie Andreason, Megan Mahoney, Brittany I'rederick, Jordan Benudry, Sarah Martell, Amanda 
Grassia, Kara Dodd, Anya Dangora, Amanda Cayer, l-rin Sanderson, Samantha Sprague, Melanie Nanll, Meghan I loran, ( aillin Rose, Shauna ( ox. 
Back Row: Briana Tognarelli, Kristen Pustizzi, Jaime Dodd, Courtney Angel, Kaitlin Angel, ( ally Monies, Kristina Mallard, fenna Peary, Mary 
O'Brien, Melissa Craft, Jennifer Lawson, Irini Billiri, Michaela ( reeden 

First Row (Left to Right): Mike Hurley, Joey Ferraro 

Second Row: Josh Davidson, Tim Fraser, Mark Pagkaliwangan, Kyle Brunelle, Kevin I [omem, Stephen Parise, Don 
Clericuzio, Ryan Jenkins 

Third Row: Mike Roulic, Tom Crowley, Jonah < hoe, Bob Bourgeois, Ross ( )lsson, Miteh Kurker, Cameron ( laples, 
Stephen Manoukian, Brandon Kuzmkh, Coach |oel fenkins 


7 If yon don't life something change 

It, If you can't change If change 
ijoyir attitude -Maya Angela < 

First Roar. Lachey Ross, Chris Vaughan, Justin Mancini, Zach Creeden, Matt Doyle, Robbie Aquino, Stephen Hunter, Matt Horan, Aaron Pelletier, Ryan 
O'Grady, Kevin Norman, Tyler Moules, Sean Sargent 

Second Row: Chris Giordano, Conor Johnson, Eric Hughes, Ryan DeRosier, Shaun Corum, CJ May, Kyle White, Fran Burns, Adam Ochab, Chris Garmon 
Mark Pagkallwangan 

Third Row: Coach Lucia, Anthony Dangora, Steven Surprise, Steven Alves, David Swider, Pat Burns, Joey Schultz, Jason Maniscalco, Alex Finestone, 
Coach Hagan, Coach Flood 

Fourth Row: Joe Nordlie, Tim Donovan- Ayers, Mark Fogerty, Dan O'Brien, Scott Arsenault, Sam Brien 

(Not Pictured - Coach Mapes, Andrew Norman, Kenny Rogers, Chris Einarson, Derek Rich, John Eldridge, Scott Davis, John Shatuck, Brett Rich) 


SorilOFS First Row. Zach Creeden, Robbie Aquino, Stephen Hunter, Matt 
Horan, Justin Mancini, Sean Sargent 
Second Row. Kevin Norman, Chris Vaughan, Aaron Pelletier, 
Ryan O'Grady, Lachey Ross, Tyler Moules, Matt Doyle 
(Not Pictured - Andrew Norman, Derek Rich, John Shattuck) 

A recap of the season 

The 2009-2010 Boys Winter Track Team had a very successful winter 
season, winning the MVC Division II Championships. Under second-year 
head coach Matt Flood, the team displayed a dominant force in the 
division and the conference. The team was very successful mainly due 
to the strong senior presence on the team. Seniors made up most of the 
varsity roster and played a larged factor when it came to scoring points. 
The Indians had two all-conference seniors, Matt Horan (hurdles) and 
Tyler Moules (1000). Along with Horan and Moules, the team had 
several senior all-stars, including Steve Hunter (600), Chris Vaughn 
(300), and Lachey Ross (1000, 4x400). Robbie Aquino (hurdles), Zach 
Creeden (600), Ryan O'Grady (shot put), and John Shattuck (shot put) 
were also frequent scorers in meets. The seniors wish future teams 
great success in upcoming seasons. 

Girls Track & Field 

First Row. Laura Dupre, Stephanie Cloutier, Marissa Canfield, Tayla MacEachern, Melissa Ulcena, Gosia Czerwonka, Stephanie Vance, Stephanie Rizzan 
Katie Penny, Brooke Garvey 

Second Row. Caitlin Barbas, Jennifer D'Urso, Amanda Grassia, Anya Dangora, Cally Moules, Kristina Mallard, Christina Rose, Jennifer Lawson, Shauna C : 
Mariam Chekmayan, Laura Sargent 

Third Row. Beth Norman, Safiya Lahlaf, Kally Dangora, Tina Brewster, Megan Horan, Megan Mahoney, Irini Biliri, Mary O'Brien, Brittany Frederick, Kelsey 
Ruffing, Kristin Pustizzi 

Fourth Row. Coach Flood, Coach Lucia, Rebecca DaSilva, Danielle Matthews, Erika White, Kristina Diorio, Erin Sanderson, Jordan Beaudry, Melanie Naul 
Kaleigh Dougherty, Courtney Angel, Head Coach Hagan 

Top Row. Nicole Barrett, Kristen Dooley, Jamie Dodd, Amanda Cayer, Stephanie White, Moriah Alten-Flagg, Lindsey Whiteway, Rachel Marsh 
(Not pictured - Kathryn Norman, Kara Dodd, Katelyn Sanderson) 

Boys Basketball \ 

Firsf Rozt>: Sean Morrison, Dave Sgroi, Sean Reale, Neil Morris, Ryan Nickerson, Salim Dib 
Second Row. Jake Carmichael, Brandon Coello, Kasey Higgins, Pedro Trindade, Chris Davey, 
Craig Schellenbach, Dalton James, Ryan Donahoe, Conor Elmore, Curtis Healy 

First Row: Brittany Lomanno, Andrea Bozza, Alyson Brooks, Nicole Curtis, Carley Cann 

Second Row. Coach McCarthy, Colleen Cavalier, Hannah Nolan, Brittany Moore, Joslyn King, Erin Brooks, 

Becky Percuoco, Coach John McGinness, Coach Paul Brennan 


First Row. Cheryl Carey, Shannon Kinsley, Adina Scola, Kelli Yeo 
Second Row. Krissy McNeill, Brittney McCoy, Candie Canning 
Third Row. Paige Glebus, Ariah Murphy, Mikayla Duby, Alex Adler 

Fourth Row. Victoria Banks, Cassie Gorham, Caitlyn Roy, Sam Tosto, Jessica Celona, Brittany Ratte, 
Caitlyn Schreib, Alycia Cullen 


First Row. Dylan Femandes, Derek Copson, Dan Caliendo, Dan Reardon, Jim Holland, Wayne Bolz, Jared Ozolins, Bobby Bourgeois 
Second Row. Coach Phil Loranger, Dan Avtgis, Brandon Kuzmich, Andy Broderick, John Kelleher, Tom Zarro, John Ripa, Ross Olsson, 
Buddy Harris, Ross Murphy, Arty Raposo, Ben Melaugh, Jack Jenkins, Coach Mike Mastrullo, Coach Jim Miner 
(Not Pictured - Billy Frevold) 

SoniQr*S First Row. Dylan Fernandes, Dan Reardon, Jim Holland 
Second Row. Wayne Bolz, Derek Copson, Jared 
Ozolins, Dan Caliendo 
(Not pictured - Billy Frevold) 

Front Center. Liz Darrigo 

First Row. Kristen Ternullo, Nicole Erickson, Amy Boucher, Barbara Jenkins, Maggie Dempsey, Amanda Mahoney, Kim McLaughlin, Nicole Girard 
Second Row. Kelsey Bunker, Christie Caliendo, Briana Burdick, Ashley McDonald, Kelly Broderick, Kristine McLaughiln, Kirby Corcoran, Taylor Tedforo 



Kim McLaughiln, 
Amy Boucher, 
Amanda Mahoney 

| OPS ArT| y Boucher . Barbara Jenkins, Maggie Dempsey, 
Amanda Mahoney 

A recap of the season 

After a tough week of tryouts, the girls hockey team started out the season. They got off to a 
good start and only lost 2 out of their first 7 games. The team worked hard under the 
leadership of Senior Amy Boucher, Senior Amanda Mahoney, and Junior Kim McLauglin. Some 
I key wins for the Indians were a 4-0 win against Boston Latin, a 3-1 win against Chelmsford, 
iand a 1-0 upset against Acton Boxborough, who was ranked 4th in the conference. AB outshot 
; Billerica 43-10, but sophomore goalie, Liz Darrigo, kept the Indians in the game. With just 3 
games left of the season, the Indians needed another 2 points to qualify for the state 
tournament. The ended up beating Arlington Catholic 6-3 in their 3rd to last game and qualified 
for states. Unfortunately, the Indians didn't make it past the first round. They lost to Beverly 3-0 
which ended their tournament bid. The girls hockey team finished the season with a record of 
11-9-1. The captains and head coach, Tina Carraba, were happy with their season. 


First Row. Dan Hill, Joe Sciortino, Bobby Cole, Pat Aker, Derek Cole, Paulo Raye, Robbie, Rizzari, John Graham 

Second Row. Asst. Coach John Ortolani, Nick Janga, Ian Fox, Travis Tripodi, Greg Cedrone, Ian Vincent, Derek Tsaknopoulos, Pat 

McCallum, Brian Heckbert, Austin Benson, Chris Martin 

Third Row. Kyle LeClair, Mike Peratti, Jake Loureiro, Brian LeClair, Alex Jacques, Chad Dellaporta, Brad Drewek, Zack Holmes, Brad 
Johnstone, Tyler Igo, Tom Cormier, Leo Trindade, Derek Coffey, Tyler Tripodi, Head Coach Bob Belanger 

First Row. Casey Slejzer, Caitlin Rose, Candice Phillips, Rhiannon Tinker, Mikayla Riley, Rachael Ryan 
Second Row. Emma Brennan, Kate Grynkiewicz, Hayley Spencer, Ashley Barrett, Lauren St. Cyr, Kaitlyn Dussi, 
Caitlin Hill, Coach Tracy Borletto 




Caitlin Hill, 
Ashley Barrett and 
Lauren St. Cyr with 
Coach Borletto 

Caitlin Hill, Hayley Spencer, Lauren St. Cyr, Ashley Barrett, 
Kaitlyn Dussi 

A recap of the season .. 

he gymnastics team had a successful season, making it to team 
ectionals for the second time in three years. The team took home 
Oth place. Top contenders included Taylor Fedorchook, Kaitlyn 
'ussi, Hayley Spencer, and Ashley Barrett, all of which qualified for 
ie individual state competition. Other noteworthy participants were 
auren St. Cyr, Caitlin Rose, Caitlin Hill, and Mikayla Riley. 


] Jf\ere is nothing \f\a\ is permanent 
except for change -Beracl ifws 

First Row: Derek Cole, Shawn Vereker, Bobby Cole, Dylan Lavery, Kory Hansen, Wayne Bob 
Second Row. Coach Higgins, Max Frawley, Tom Zarro, Connor Elmore, Dan DeSantis, Andre N 
Fulgoni, John Ripa, Anthony Perrone, Kasey Higgins 


(left to right) 

Danny DeSantis and Shawn 
Vereker with Coach Higgins 

■ ■ ■ - - ■ \ . 


(left to right) 
Anthony Perrone, 
Robert Cole, 
Danny DeSantis, 
Shawn Vereker, 
Derek Cole, 
Wayne Bolz 

First Row. Kristin Miller, Meghan Knight, Sarah Quartieri, Lily Perkins, Leah McWilliams, 
Alyson Brooks, Amy Edwards, Coach Michelle Bergeron 

Second Row: Manager Tricia Devlin, Coach Patty Higgins, Aimee Sanford, Becky Percuococ 
Christie Caliendo, Emily Koles, Amanda Campbell, Ashley Ferreira, Elise Zekanovic, Coach t 
Catie Button, Coach Ed Romkey 

First Row: Grany Whiteway Sr, Trainer Kat Murphy, Manager Christina Ratte, Manager Michi 
Muise, Cam Slatton, Dylan Fernandes, Mike Allen, Sean McLaughlin, Jimmy Holland, Grant I 
Whiteway, Ryan Nickerson, Chris Smith, Nick Morello, Tim Canniff, Sebastian Dalby, Dylan i 
Svenson, Coach Carroll, Coach Busa, Coach Flynn 

Second Row: Billy Frevold, Devin Derosa, Brendan Cox, Andy Loranger, Joey Zuccaro, Jamie 
Kelly, Ryan Burdick, Ben Melaugh, Mitch Kurker, Sean Dougherty, Tommy McLaughlin, Ian 
Abrahamson, Justin Fritz, Joey Barrett, Mike Curley, Ross Murphy, DJ Smith, Coach Lavery, , 
Coach Lavalle, Coach Melaugh, Coach Whiteway 

3 Captains 

Jimmy Holland 
Ryan Nickerson 
| Grant Whiteway 
and Chris Smith 
with Coaches 


First Row. 
Billy Frevold 
Jimmy Holland 
Ryan Nickerson 
Chris Smith 
Tim Can n iff 
Second Row. 
Mike Allan 
Sean McLaughlin 
Sean Dougherty 
Sebastian Dalby 
Dylan Fernandes 

t 25? 21 



Krsf ]^ow: Nicole Curtis, Marissa Canfield, Lauren Pena, Amy Greensmith, Andrea Bozza, 
Heather Timmons, Jen Carew, Neesha Suarez, Shawna Strazzere, Tayla MacEachern 
Second Row: Coach Ashley Martell, Nicole Erikson, Grace Politis, Lindsey Whiteway, Julie 
Mullen, Sarah Kalmes, Amanda Mackenzie, Anya Dangora 

The Billerica Girls Lacrosse team did outstanding this year. The Indians 
pulled out an 11-8-2 record and qualified for the state tournament once 
again. Despite all the hard work these exceptional players put in, theyiell 
to Masconomet in the first round. The team, led by Captains Andrea Bozza, 
Heather Timmons, and Jen Carew, was introduced to a whole new style of 
playing with their new coach this year. Ashley Martell was named Coach 
of the Year this year and will continue to make the girls lacrosse program 
reputable. The Indians were recognized for their outstanding season as 
Shawna Strazzere and Heather Timmons were given MVC All-Conference 
awards; Andrea Bozza and Jen Carew were awarded with MVC All-Star. 
The team had 10 seniors and each of them put in a full effort. They all will 
be missed because each of them were a crucial part of the success. This 
team will be remembered for the unbelievable game against Chelmsford 
where the Indians were down by 7 goals at the half and came back to win 
17-16 over the Lions. The girls will always remember this one simple 
saying, FSU! It was a great season and the graduating seniors will be 
missed but they will always have a spot on this team. 


Andrea Bozza 
Heather Timmons 
and Jen Carew 



r 3Bs% 

First Row: Matt Johnson, John Shattuck, Aaron Pelletier, Robbie Aquino, Matt Horan, Stephen Hunter, 
Ryan O'Grady, Zach Creeden, Derek Rich, Andrew Norman, Lachey Ross, Tyler Moules, Matt Doyle 
Second Row: Conor Johnson, Shaun Corum, Dalton James, CJ May, Ray Hamilton, Denzel Livmgston, 
Jeffery Jean-Philippe, Alexander Silva 

Third Row: Coach Mapes, Coach Lucia, Adam Ochab, Brandon Clark, Graham Kelly, Chris Soly, David 
Swider Mark Fogerty, Kevin Twombly, Kenny Rogers, Coach Flood, Coach Hagan 
Fourth Roiv: Conor Kelly, Alex Finestone, Scott Arsenault, Dan O'Brien, Tim Donovan-Ayers, Steven Alva 
Kyle White, Jake Griffin, Leo Cody 

(Not pictured - Ryan DeRosier, Pat Burns, Thomas Savini, Joseph Giles, Joseph Schultz) 

First Row: Becca Brajak, Melissa Ulcena, Gosia Czerwonka, Brigid Forestier, Stephanie Vance, Aviya Alten-Flagg, 
Courtney Dumais, Kelly Gaudette, Jodie Cailler, Liz Libro, Katie Penny 

Second Roiv. Kristina Mallard, Meghan Catania, Tina Brewster, Jennifer D'Urso, Brittany Ratte, Candie Canning, Amanc 
Grassia, Jennifer Lawson, Christina Rose, Lindsey Bullen, Mary O'Brien, Irini Billiri, Jordan Beaudry, Brittany Frederic! 
Third Row. Courtney Angel, Rebecca DaSilva, Beth Norman, Laura Sargent, Moriah Alten-Flagg, Rachel Marsh, Melissa 
Shattuck, Kaitlin Casey, Brooke Garvey, Jessica Turinesse, Marissa Jones, Jessica Burgett, Megan Mahoney 
Fourth Row: Nicole Barrett, Cally Moules, Caitlin Rose, Jamie Dodd, Meghan Horan, Erin Sanderson, Melanie Nault, 
Safiya Lahlaf, Caitlin Barbas, Kati Phelan, Kathryn Norman, Shauna Cox, Meriam Chekmeyan 

Fifth Row: Coach Mapes, Head Coach Fall, Brianna Salani, Cairo Thompson, Erika White, Katelyn Sanderson, Christine 
Piacenza, Jenna Peary, Coach Lucia, Coach Hagan 

The girls track team started off the season with high hopes of 
becoming Marrimack Valley Conference champions. The team was 
stronger than it had been in a while, partly due to the large group of 
seniors, many of which had been on the team for all four years. 
However, a loss to Tewksbury in a duel meet ended hopes of 
becoming MVC champions. Still the team remained determined, and 
at large meets such as State Relatys, MVC's, and State 
Championships the team put in a sincere effort. The effort and 
determination paid off when we placed higher in select events then 
we have in years. Now that the seniors are graduating, although the 
team will remain strong, they will be missed both on and off the track. 

First Rozv: Fran Burns, Brian Canniff, Will McEwen, Austin Capone, Kevin Robinson 
Second Row: Coach Russ Goversten, Tim Eikenberry, Matt Paulsen, Nathan Park, Parth Patel, 
Anthony Dangora, Nick Violette 

(Not pictured - Jonathan Villafuerte, Tyler Pacheco, Aslam Gadatia) 

First Row: Katie Skara, Angela Franklin, Jillian Rosa, Melissa Govertsen, Stephianie 
Cloutier, Hannah Ramos, Sidney Andreasen, Pankti Patel 

Second Row: Jennifer Dimh, Veronica Murray, Rebecca Pinals, Gina Cloutier, Laura 
Dupre, Megan MacDonald, Rachael Ramos, Coach Shirley Granfield 
(Not pictured - Lauren Maloney) 

The Girls Tennis Team started out the season knowing that they would 
have a more challenging schedule than usual. The Indians were moved up 
to Division 1 of the Merrimack Valley Conference and would have to play 
more challenging teams more often. The Indians, led by senior co-captains 
Stephanie Cloutier and Melissa Goverston, overcame their challenging 
schedule and pulled out an 8-6 record, which qualified them for the 
Division 1 North State Tournement. Despite playing well, the team fell to 
a challenging team, Acton-Boxborough, in the first round. The Indians 
were recognized for their great season as Stephanie Cloutier was named 
MVC All-Conference for second singles, Hannah Ramos was named MVC 
All Star at third singles, and Jillian Rosa and Katie Skara were named 
MVC All Stars at first doubles. The girls bonded as a team through pasta 
parties and they will always have racketfires and cheering in German. 
We're Mint! 


If Ljow don't create cf\av\qe, 
c(\av\ge will create yow 


erica Memorial High School 

Joseph and the Amazing 
Technicolor Dream Coat 
Spring 2010 

Our String Orchestra 
is a hidden gem at the 
high shool. However, 
once in their presence, 
you feel the music 
within. Though a 
small group they are 
very talented and both 
a joy to watch and 
listen to. 


182 C — y 


Vocal Ensemble 

tow 1 : Victoria Bennett, Nicole VanKuilenburg, Erika Sanderson, Meagan Dunleavy, Heather Wyatt, Bryanna Bertrand, 
Elizabeth Centauro, Gel Lorbes 

tow 2: Katarina MacAfee, Jenn Porter, Cassie Corliss, Robyn Robichaud, Julie Tilley, Tina Barry, Taylor Dunleavy, 
Danielle Godjikian, Jessica Mancuso 

tow 3: Ms. Bergeron, Matthew Barden, Kevin Mahaney, Luke Sullivan, Tommy Brown, Mark Scannelli, Christian Blake 

Marching Band 

Color Guard 



Row 1: Luke Sullivan, Shawn Shea, Matt Allendorf, Christian Blake, Kerri Filippone, Mitchell 
Dimanche, Stephanie Lucas, Rachel Donovan, Vanessa Samon, Lauren Demoy 
Row 2: Ashley Nadeau, Kareen Arrey, Kaitlyn Kelley, April McCaughey, Danielle Rogers, Bryanna 
Bertrand, Heather Wyatt, Mikayla Heckbert 

Row 3: Amanda Butler, Abigail Carroll, Sarah Miller, Jessica Richards, Taylor Dunleavy, Kayla 
Butler, Emily Howe, Miranda Maguire, Brianna Starr, Maggie Doucette 

Row 1 : Maureen Corbett, Heather Wyatt, Meagan Dunleavy, Bryanna Bertrand, Kareen Arrey, Taylor 
Dunleavy, Nicole VanKuilenburg, Gel Lorbes, Mel Govertson 

Row 2: Julie Tilley, Tina Barry, Kevin Mahaney, Shawn Shea, Jeffery Jean-Phillipe, Christian Blake, 
Luke Sullivan 

Row 3: Ms. Bergeron, Lauren Demoy, Mitchell Dimanche, Victoria Bennett, Robyn Robichaud, 
Renee Elliott, Jenn Porter, Erika Sanderson 

• ••••• 

This year's Drama Club proved 
to be better than ever. Their 
rendition of "One Flew Over 
the Cuckoo's Nest" was both 
riveting and exciting. The 
actors and crew combined to 
be a force to be reckoned with 
at the Drama Fest. They 
represented BMHS proudly 
when they went far in the 

ma dub: 

Cuckoo's Ni 

lit: Courtney Dumai.s 


This years art show has been one of 
the best by far. There were many 
pieces done by advanced seniors and 
talented underclassmen. Self-portraits, 
cardboard creations, and 3D paintings 
were just some of the many 

, Evan Corl 


"Kayla 'Johnson, Ashley 'Barrett, Andrea 'Bozza, 
Michael Canty, Victoria 'Bennett, ^Rebecca 'Welch, 
Irene Marietta, Michelle. 'Knight, Michelle Muise, 
Melissa Muise, "Randi Ochab, Shawn Sea, Sarah 'Erlandson, 
Maria 'Bon/iglio, Allison Membrino, Ms. Chebook(Advisor) 
Megan 'Douglass, Aide "dlourihan, Kim McLauglin, 
Sarah Careiu, Jodi Cailler &Ms. daSilva (Advisor) 


Vicky "Belakhov, Kate Kisiel, Arianna Kjrby, Sarah Quatieri, 
Minal!Rana, Catherine 'Pangakis, "Becca Welch, 
Kristin Selian, "Elizabeth Centauro, Colleen Qagne, 
Andrew "Hgrman, Mr. Malloy (Advisor), Valerie Siravo, 
"Tammie Wilson, Qabrielle'Keis, Shayna "Dunham, 
Mary McLaughlin, David McLaughlin 

DECA Underclassmen 

Ale^O'Leary, Conor "DriscoU, Sean "Reinoid, Heather 'Donoghue 
'Mitch 'Kurker, Janessa Luke, Kristen Eernullo, Meaghan "Hardy, 
Kaitlin Casey, Lindsey "Wilson, "Kristin Abramo, 
'Kayla Johnson, Andrew Ciccariello, 'Tommy McLaughlin, 
Man "Robinson, Leo Cody, Safim "Di6, "Brian Canniff, Aie^Jorge, 
Ibrahim Lahiaf, Amanda Qrassia, "Kyle Corcoran, "Tim Eikenberry, 
Tim 'Jerguson, Justin Hood, Ian Abrahamson, Connor "Elmore, 
Stephen Manoulqan, Eayla "Dijrancesco, Kjeopatra Vasili, 
Samir Sanariya, "Kyle "White, Amanda Campbell, Lauren Qary, 
Joe "Barrett, "Kara "Dodd, Jenna Qraham, Hristina Eoncheva, 
Josh 'Jiaim MaryXate MadDonald, Brian Camerano, 
Sarah %ahnes 

DECA Upperclassmen 

"Brendan Jarrell, Seymore Moore, Andrea "Bozza, 
Christina "Ratte, "Becca "Brajakj Mike Allan, Mike Canty, 
JimJJolland, James 'Roth, Daniel !Reardon, 
"Ryan Kiickerson, Jake Carmichael, Qosia Czeriuonka, 
"Tim Canniff, HaikSelian, Melissa Ulcena, Stephan 
Tetropoulos, JaredMengistab, Ally Brown, Kristin Miller, 
Mr. Magliozzi (Advisor), Michelle Muise, Melissa Muise, 
"Kristen Dangora, Meghan "Knight, Jleather Tvmmons, 
"Tayla MacEachern, John Shattuckj Kevin 9{prman & 
Ms. Lydon (Advisor) 

AV Club 

Megan Mahoney, Sean McQehee, 'Bat Lee, 
Karen Batchelder, Mariam Chekmeyan, JillTolan, 
Miranda Maguire, Elizabeth Thomas, lan Crowe, 
Conor McCarron, Sidney Andreasen, 'Emma (Healey, 
Mrs. 'Powers (Advisor), 'Brian Morris, Amanda Qranfield, 

CedrickjManuel, Bradley 'Wilkes, 'Phillip Spencer, 
Troy Cantalup, Wesley Taylor, Billy Scho 11, (Dan (Reardon, 
Qarrett McCarron 


Kat Jimenez, Vicky Belakhov, Kate Kisiel, (Renee Elliot, 
Minal(Rana, Catherine Tangakis, Allison, 
Becca Welch, 'Kristin Selian, Elizabeth Centauro, 
Colleen Qagne, Andrew Kigrman, Mr. Malloy (Advisor), 

Valerie Siravo, Tammie Wilson, Qabrielle (Reis, 
Shayna 'Dunham, Amanda Qranfield, Mary McLaughlin, 
(David McLaughlin 


Ashley Laing, Kat Jimenez, Laura Sargent, Kicole (ProubQ 
Steve Surprise, Amanda Qranfrield, CedrickManuel, Katelyn (Roy, 
(Brianna Salani, Sarah Lrlandson, Maria (Bonfiglio, Ms. Harvey 
(Advisor), 'Brittany 'Moore, Angela Jranklin, Kicole Lrickson, (Hailey 
uce, Taylor Tedford, Alison Cote, Kelsey (Ruffling, "Kristin Van Arnam, 
Michelle Jerola, Irene Marietta, Victoria (Sennet, Miranda Maguire, 

Sarah 'Walker, %atelynn Mann, Anna Marietta, Lauren Qary, 
'ason 'Drab, MacKenzie Maynard, Lmalie Ll-Jaiah, Maureen Corbett, 
Llizabeth Mason, Mary Kate MadDonald 


Peer Mediators 

'Billy Scholl, C. 'Jay Mitchell Sutton, Kenee Elliott, 
Jeremy 'Pitlsley, Clyde Carmant, Mackenzie Mat/nard, 
Amanda Mackenzie, Kathryn 9(orman, 
Stephanie Lucas, 'Jahra Sakp, Jeremy 'J{afjeriij, 
'Thomas Jilzpatrickj 'DerekCoffey, Sean Sargent, 
Mc'Kayla 'Duby 


Chemistry Club 

Danny DeSantis, Chris Smith, Sean (Morrison, 
'Brendan Jamil, Colin 'Moore, Alex DelMonico, 
Chris Sullivan, Leah Mc'Williams, 'Liana Megerian, 
'Ryan 9{icl<grson, Tim Canniff, Mariam Chekrneyan, 
Jevon <yu, Dat Le, 'Ryan O'Qrady, John Shattucl^ 
'Kevin Hgrman, Jahra Sakg, Zuleyma Velez, 
Anna (Brajafc , 'Rebecca Tinals & Ms. Hines (Advisor) 

Science League 

Shubhankar Joshi, Clayton Arroco, 9{ico Taolucci, 
C. lay Mitchell Sutton, William Doherty, TatrickSullivan, 
Matt gallant, Jevon Ju, Dat Le, 9^ikU 'BiBm, 
Sidney Andreasen, Matt Herrmann, 'Robert Harrington, 
Steven Alves, Jilllolan, Lmma Healey, TatrickfTanguay, 
CJ Kfioshabjian, Qarrett McCarron, James 'Barry, 
Anthony Rieser, Kenneth Dempsey, Josh Kisiel, Billy Scholl, 
James Cataldo, Qary Kewcomb & Conor McCarron 

Ma1~h League 

'William Henry Doherty IV, Clayton Kelson Arroa 
Jevon fu, Dat Le, Jonah Choe, 
\ . Marl^Allen, Casupan Tagkaliwangan, 
Kikplay Liharski, John Shattuck, Meghan Kafflin 
Ms. griffin (Advisor), Leah Mc'Williams, 
Irene Manetta, Conor McCarron, Rebecca Tinals, 
Matt gallant, Kevin 9{grman, Creole Cataldo, 
Kico Taulucci, Matthew Sheehan, Chris Herrickj 
ShatvnShea, & "Phillip Spencer 

1 92 

Book Club 

Maria Bonfiglio, Sarah 'Erlandson, 
'Darshana TateC, Bradley 'Wilkes, 
'Meghan %afjine, Ms. Berry (Advisor), 
Andrew 'Norman, Taylor Tedford 
& Victoria Crenshaw 


9\[icole Marley, (Dan Teltier, Tommy Savini, 
Lizzie Thomas, 'Kevin (Doherty, 'Phillip Spencer, 
Jennifer Courture, Anneloes Van Beef^ 

'Rachel Moakky, Chris Vaughan, 
Trevor Jrederick^ Ale?t Voskanian, Taylor 
fossey &Mr. Landry (Advisor) 

Writing Center 

Mr. 'Dejeo (Advisor), Melissa Qovertsen, 

'Brittany Schissler, 'Hikki Billiri , 
Bradley Wilkes &Mr. Landry (Advisor) 



Rebecca Tinals, Anna Brajakj 9{if^i Billiri, 
Ibrahim Lahlaf, Safiya Lahlaf, Caitfin Barbas, 
Ms. Bairos (Advisor), 9{icole Comfort, 
Brenda 9(issane, Molly E)i?(pn & 
"Rgbyn Hgbichaud 

French Club 

'Brittany Schissler, 'Rgdyl Blanc, 
Xaren Batchelder, leather Cfiiros, 
Thomas Brozvn, Molly E)i?(pn, %gbyn 'Kgbichaud, 
Ms. Bojars/q (Advisor), %evin ! Hgrman, 
Matthew Sheehan, Michelle ffijcci, 
"Emily Chiasson &%atelynn Mann 

Spanish/ Italian 

Sarah 'Waller, Melissa Qovertsen, 
Ms. Tiwowar (Advisor), Marissa Jones, 
Emily Jicarra, %atie Skara, Lindsey "Wilson t 
Eirini E)rafcgs 


Mock Trial 

Mr. Lordan (Advisor), Meghan 'Kaffine, Taylor 'Jederchook, 
'Jennifer (Bossi, Alexandra Coates, 'Emify Howe, %eri Jord, 

Joe 'Bower, Christian Blake, Adam 'Royston, Liz Libro, 
Jennifer Carew, Lindsey (Bullen, 'Emify Jicarra, Jillian Rosa, 
Joshua Amaya, Anthony Terrone, Angela 'franklin, 

Justin %ing, Taul Qinsburg, 'Kay [a Johnson, 
Jared Mengistab, Matt Sanderson, Sean MeQhee, 
Andrew (Mvrman, Chris derrick (DerekCopson, 
%evin Hughes, Christopher Sullivan, (Dan Qirard, 
Jason (Drab, 'Matt (Doyle, Troy Cantalupo 


Miranda Johnston, 'Danielle Snider, 
Shubhankar Joshi, Ivan Corliss, 

Ala Oleksy, Samantha Som, 
Michelle Torpey, Jessica Tiscatelli, 
'Brittany Schissler, 'Rene 'Elliot, 
Ibrahim Lahlaf, Clayton Castellanos, 
Mr. Carey (Advisor), Abigail Carroll & 
'Elizabeth Libro 


Mayien Mao-9(hem, %ate Kisiel, 
%atie Qallagher, %at Jimenez, Ms. 'Bujnowski 
Advisor), Mary 'Beth Morrissey, Megg 'Johnson, 
'Brian Jfunt, Sean McQehee, Christian 'Blake, 
Allison Curran-'Kgmulainen, Vicky 'Belakhov, 
Sarah 'Burns & Cassie Thomas 


Senior Class Officers 

Ms. Quesnel - Class Advisor 
Stephen Hunter - Treasurer 
Elana Magerian - President 
Brigid Forestier - Vice President 
Gel Lorbes - Secretary 
Ms. Griffin - Class Advisor 

Junior Class Officers 

^W-^m* WW^Sgrw. ^^^f^m ^0- -ym ^0 r WVW^t0^f^9 

Mr. Carroll - Class Advisor 
Jennifer Packard - Treasurer 
Kara Dodd - Vice President, 

Nicole Comfort - President 
Valerie Fusco - Secretary 

Ms. Peters - Class Advisor 

Sophomore Class 

Mr. Gleason - Class Advisor 
Zack Mooney - President 
Adam Ochab -Vice President 
Chris Farrow -Treasurer 
Kelly Young - Secretary 
Ms. Tracey- Class Advisor 


Freshman Class Officers 

Mr. Magliozzi - Class Advisor 
Shubhankar Joshi - Secretary 
Kevin Farrell - President 
Stephanie Hunter -Treasurer 
Ms. Lydon - Class Advisor 

Student Government 

Ibrahim Llalif, Kat Jimenez, Jennifer 
Packard, Mackenzie Maynard, Nicole 
Comfort, Lindsey Wilson, Valerie Fusco, 
Shubhankar Joshi, Stephanie Hunter, 
Kevin Farrell, Maureen Corbett, 
Zack Mooney, Kelly Young, Adam Ochab, 
Ms. Burke (Advisor), Jonah Choe, 
Stephan Hunter, Brigid Forestier, 
Elana Magerian, Gel Lorbes & 
Caitlyn Schreib 

Peer Leaders 

Valerie Fusco, Kara Dodd, 
Gosia Czerwonka, Amanda Grassia, 
Sarah Carew, Kristen Dangora, 
Jennifer Carew, Stephanie Vance, 
Ms. Blouin (Advisor), Stephanie Cloutier, 
Kati Phelan, Melissa Ulcena, Jake Griffin, 
Nicole Comfort, Sean Sargent, Nicole 
Curtis, Brittany Moore, Danny DeSantis, 
Maria Bonfiglio, Nicole Erickson, 
Angela Franklin, Lauren Gary, Jason 
Drab, Billy Scholl, Sidney Andreason & 

Brendan Farrell 



An Organization Like No Other 

DECA is our schools business 
club but to those who have been 
a part of it know it is far more. 
The environment, the 
excitement of DECA is like no 
other you will find at BMHS. 
DECA isn't just projects, 
presentations, and poster boards; 
it's a family. A family of 
students, faculty and above all 
friends. The experiences, the 
memories, the drive to succeed - 
we owe it all to the man most 
have come to know simply as 

9{ationaL Honor Society 

The National Honor (Society is an organization of BMHS 
Juniors and Seniors who are dedicated to academics, 
service, character, and leadership. Members of NHS are 
selected based upon these qualities and must have a GPA 
of 88.5 or greater. 

In December, students contribute their time and money to 
help feed needy families during the holidays. In March, they 
hold a blood drive together with the Red Cross and make a 
much needed donation to this organization. In addition to 
these contributions of time and effort, National Honor 
Society students regularly do volunteer work in the 
community to help others. 

The Class of 2010 elected Lizelle Comfort as NHS 
President, William Scholl as Vice President, Conor 
McCarron as Treasurer, and Lauren Curley as Secretary. 

■ ■ ■ 

Welcome to 9{ationat Honor Society, Class of 20111 


y To exist is to cf\av\qe, to cf\av\ge is to 
f mature to mature is to go ov\ creating 
[ oneself endlessly , -Henri Bergson 

Hillerica Memorial High School 
Local Scholarship Awards 

James M. R. Langille Scholarship 

Recipient: Brigid Forestier 
Ralph Hallenborg Memorial Scholarship 

Recipient: James Holland 
Peter Jenkins Memorial Scholarship 

Recipient: Daniel Reardon 
Billerica Friends of Music Scholarship 

Recipients: Conor McCarron, Daniel Peltier, Sara MacKenzie 
Billerica Emblem Club #410 Scholarship 
Recipients: Kevin Hughes, Heather Timmons, Lauren St.Cyr 
Billerica Athletic Association Scholarship 

Recipients: Leah McWilliams, Stephanie Vance, Caitlin Hill, 

Elizabeth Libro, Andrea Bozza, Stephanie Cloutier, 
Shawna Strazzere, Sarah Quatieri, Alyson Brooks, 
Heather Timmons, Timothy Canniff, Ryan Nickerson, 
Robert Cole, Christopher Smith, Patrick Aker, 
Brendan Farrell, Daniel Reardon, Derek Rich, 
Derek Cole, Ryan O'Grady 
Billerica Federation of Teachers Scholarship 
Recipients: Maria Bonfiglio, Derek Cole, Robert Cole, Randi Ochab, 

Daniel Peltier 
Billerica Garden Club Scholarship 
Recipient: Derek Rich 

Billerica Girls Softball Association Annual Scholarship 

Recipients: Jodi Cailler, Elizabeth Libro, Michelle Torpey 
1 Billerica Girls Softball Association Annual Scholarship 

Recipient: Amy Edwards 
j Billerica Little League Education Award 

Recipients: Vinny Tosto, Daniel DeSantis, Derek Cole 
j Billerica Little League Education Award - In Memory of Peg and Arthur C. Skelton 

Recipient: Patrick Aker 
| Billerica Lodge of Elks #2071 Scholarship 
Recipient: Tayla MacEachern, Gary Newcomb 
Massachusetts Elks Scholarship Inc. 
Recipient: Marissa Canfield 

Billerica Pop Warner Edward F. Hayes, Sr. and Edward Stuart Sr. Memorial Scholarship; 

Recipients: Leandra LaSpada, Chelsey Burnham, Lindsey Bullen, Christopher Smith 
Billerica Youth Soccer Association Memorial Scholarships Amy Ward Soccer Scholars! 
Recipient: Tayla MacEachern 
Christopher Pomerleau Soccer Scholarship 
Recipient: Sean Allen, Timothy Canniff 
S. G. Hajjar Elementary School Scholarship 
J Recipients: Robert Cole, Leandra LaSpada 

1 HHS/BMHS Alumni Association Scholarships -Ann Mulcahy Memorial Award 

I Recipient: Bryanna Bertrand 

1 HHS/BMHS Alumni Association Scholarship -Fifty Year Class Award 

1 Recipient: Marguerite Dempsey 

-in Memory of Don Donati 
■In Memory of Michael F. O'Briee 

HHS/BMHS Alumni Association Scholarship -William Flaherty Memorial Award 

Recipient: Randi Ochab 

HHS/BMHS Alumni Association Scholarship -Robert Brown Memorial Scholarship Award 

Recipient: Heather Timmons 
HHS/BMHS Alumni Association Scholarship 

Howe High School Award in Memory of Natalie Riecks Atkins Class of 1950 

Recipient: Amanda Joyce 

HHS/BMHS Alumni Association Scholarship The Class of 1952 Scholarship 

Recipient: Shawna Strazzere 

HHS/BMHS Alumni Association Scholarship Margaret Mason Memorial Scholarship 

Recipient: Matthew Horan 

HHS/BMHS Alumni Association Class of 1959 Scholarship 

Recipient: Michelle Torpey 

HHS/BMHS Alumni Association Scholarship William Robbins Memorial Scholarship 

Recipients: Ryan Nickerson, Andrea Bozza 

Lieutenant William J. Love Memorial Scholarship 

Recipient: Leah McWilliams 

Lt. William West Jr. Memorial Scholarship 

Recipients: Matthew Doyle, Chelsey Burnham 

New England Police Benevolent Association Local 5 Scholarship 

Recipient: Matthew Doyle 

Dr. Elizabeth McCarthy Memorial Scholarship 

Recipient: Patrick Aker 

St. Theresa Women's Club Scholarship 

Recipient: Emily Ficarra 

Billerica Rotary Club, Michael Olivieri Scholarship 

Recipients: Emily Ficarra, Melissa Ulcena 
Billerica Youth Basketball Scholarship 

Recipients: Ryan Nickerson, Hannah Ramos, Neil Morris, Brendan Farrell, 

Timothy Canniff, Nicole Curtis, Elizabeth Libro, Jillian Rosa, Sean Morrison, 
Daniel DeSantis, Tayla MacEachern, Christopher Smith, Sean Dougherty 
Dr. Paul William Cox Music Scholarship 
Recipient: Bryanna Bertrand 
Ditson School Association Scholarship 
Recipients: Melissa Ulcena, Joseph Costa 
Sean C. Elmore Memorial Scholarship 

Recipients: Ryan Nickerson, Daniel DeSantis, Amy Greensmith, Derek Cole, 
Robert Cole, Sarah Quatieri, Sean Morrison, Kevin Hughes,Andrea Bozza, 
Daniel Reardon, Ashley Barrett, James Holland, Alyson Brooks, 
Shawna Strazzere,Timothy Canniff, Matthew Horan, Anthony Perrone, 
Christopher Smith, Kelly Gaudette 
Fidler Paula Fidler Scholarship 

Recipients: Ryan Nickerson, Nicole Curtis, Andrea Bozza, Jillian Rosa 
Kathi Glavin Higgins Scholarship 

Recipients: Daniel Reardon, Jessica Tocio, Brandon Bangura, Amy Edwards, 

Amanda Joyce 
Kennedy School PTO, Catherine L. Torre Scholarship 

Recipient: Maria Bonfiglio 

Kennedy School PTO, James J. Dumas Scholarship 

Recipient: Leah McWilliams 
Dr. Diane Pearson Scholarship 

Recipients: Randi Ochab, Evan Corliss 

■ i 

Town of Hitferica 
Sc/ioCars/tip foundation Awards 

Costanza Ann Lally Costanza Scholarship 

Recipient: Samantha Stone 
Caroline Jeffers Scholarship 

Recipient: Joseph Costa 
George Lamantea Memorial Scholarship 

Recipient: Kenneth Dempsey 
Nicola Micozzi Memorial Scholarship 

Recipient: Daniel Chase 

William B. Allen Memorial Disabled American Veterans 

Recipient: Conor Finegan 
Billerica Fast Pitch Softball, Inc. Scholarship 

Recipient: Elizabeth Libro, Savanah Reynolds 
Harriet L. O'Connell Memorial Scholarship 

Recipient: Matthew Doyle 
John C. Stewart Jr. Memorial Scholarship 

Recipient: Christian Blake 
Lisa Tammaro Memorial Scholarship 

Recipient: Taylor Dunleavy 

Robert Carroll Memorial Scholarship 

Recipient: Victoria Bennett 
Charles L. Lampson Scholarship 

Recipients: Matthew Johnson, Michelle Muise 
Rev. John T. Lawler Scholarship 

Recipient: Allison Membrino 
Locke Middle School Scholarships 

Recipient: Stephan Petropoulos 
Krau Family Scholarship 

Recipient: Derek Cole 
Frank A. Altobelli Memorial Scholarship 

Recipient: Renee Elliott 

Mary and Walter Arakelian Memorial Scholarship 

Recipient: Rebecca Brajak 
Billerica Community Alliance Award 

Recipient: Patrick Aker 

Billerica Community Alliance -Gilbert A Griggs Scholarship 
Recipient: Kristen Dangora 

Billerica League of Women Voters -Donna Tuttle Memorial 

Recipient: Maria Bonfiglio 
Billerica Sons of Italy 

Salvatore Grieco andAnthony E. Capaldo Sr. Memorial 

Recipient: Elizabeth Libro 

Richard Cogan Parker School PTO Scholarship 

Recipients: Holly Dixon, Kevin Hughes 
Mary J. Colburn Memorial Scholarship 

Recipient: Jeffrey Marcano 
Daniel P. Coneeny Memorial Scholarship 

Recipient: Matthew Doyle 

Council on Aging Student Volunteer Recognition Scholarship 
Recipient: Andrea Bozza 

Lawrence L. Day Memorial Merrimack Valley Area Rotary 

Recipient: Anna Clifford 

Nancy A. Donaghey Memorial Scholarship 

Recipient: Theresa Conn 
Michael Donovan Memorial Scholarship 

Recipients: James Holland, Heather Timmons 
Scott Dumont Memorial Scholarship 

Recipient: Amy Edwards 
Dutile School PTO Scholarship 

Recipient: Lillian Perkins 

Eastern Mass. Basketball Officials Association Award 

Recipient: Stephanie Johnson 
Eldora Ferren Memorial Scholarship 

Recipient: William Meaney 

Sidney Horlink Memorial Scholarship 

Recipient: Sarah Erlandson 
Locke Middle School Parents Education Partners 

Recipients: Neesha Suarez, Brendan Gallahue 
Meagher Family Scholarship 

Recipient: Danielle Hills 
Deborah Morrison Memorial Scholarship 

Recipient: Sara MacKenzie 
MTM Brainerd Insurance Memorial Scholarship 

Recipient: Michael Hurley 
Emmett Pulliam Memorial Scholarship 

Recipient: Catherine Pangakis 
Karen A. Sahagian Memorial Scholarship 

Recipient: Krishna Rana 

Francis Lester Shaughnessy Memorial Scholarship 
Recipient: Fedner Claude 

TILL Central Scholarship 

Recipient: Brandon Bangura 
Major John P. Whyte Memorial Scholarship 

Recipient: Stephen Hunter 
Philip Heffernan Memorial Scholarship 

Recipient: Katarina MacAfee 
Karyn Button Memorial Scholarship 

Recipient: Melissa Govertsen 
Marshall Middle School Student Council Scholarship 

Recipient: Kevin Robinson 
Mark Bagshaw Memorial Scholarship 

Recipient: Leah McWilliams 
Awin Management Services Scholarship 

Recipients: Caitlin Hill, Derek Rich 

Billerica Lions Club ~R. Myrton Davis Memorial Scholarship 
Recipients: Kelly Gaudette, Christopher Herrick 
William F. Bird Memorial Scholarship 
Recipient: Timothy Canniff 
Sgt. William Bradley Memorial Scholarship 
Recipient: Michael Canty 
Kennett F. Burns Cabot Corporation Scholarships 
Recipients: Shelley Hun, Christina Ratte 
Gladys Cerrato Memorial Scholarship 
Recipient: Jillian Gangi 

iNancy A. Donaghey Memorial Scholarship 
Recipient: Theresa Conn 
.Michael Donovan Memorial Scholarship 
Recipients: James Holland, Heather Timmons 
Scott Dumont Memorial Scholarship 
Recipient: Amy Edwards 
Dutile School PTO Scholarship 
Recipient: Lillian Perkins 

Eastern Mass. Basketball Officials Association Award 

Recipient: Stephanie Johnson 

Eldora Ferren Memorial Scholarship 

Recipient: William Meaney 

Sidney Horlink Memorial Scholarship 

Recipient: Sarah Erlandson 

Locke Middle School Parents Education Partners Scholarship 

Recipients: Neesha Suarez, Brendan Gallahue 
Meagher Family Scholarship 

Recipient: Danielle Hills 

Deborah Morrison Memorial Scholarship 

Recipient: Sara MacKenzie 

MTM Brainerd Insurance Memorial Scholarship 

Recipient: Michael Hurley 

Emmett Pulliam Memorial Scholarship 

Recipient: Catherine Pangakis 

Karen A. Sahagian Memorial Scholarship 

Recipient: Krishna Rana 

Francis Lester Shaughnessy Memorial Scholarship 
Recipient: Fedner Claude 

TILL Central Scholarship 

Recipient: Brandon Bangura 

Major John P. Whyte Memorial Scholarship 

Recipient: Stephen Hunter 

Philip Heffernan Memorial Scholarship 

Recipient: Katarina MacAfee 
Karyn Button Memorial Scholarship 

Recipient: Melissa Govertsen 

Marshall Middle School Student Council Scholarship 

Recipient: Kevin Robinson 

Mark Bagshaw Memorial Scholarship 

Recipient: Leah McWilliams 

Awin Management Services Scholarship 

Recipients: Caitlin Hill, Derek Rich 

Billerica Lions Club ~R. Myrton Davis Memorial Scholarship 

Recipients: Kelly Gaudette, Christopher Herrick 
William F. Bird Memorial Scholarship 

Recipient: Timothy Canniff 

Sgt. William Bradley Memorial Scholarship 

Recipient: Michael Canty 

Kennett F. Burns Cabot Corporation Scholarships 

Recipients: Shelley Hun, Christina Ratte 
Gladys Cerrato Memorial Scholarship 

Recipient: Jillian Gangi 
Class of 2010 Scholarships 

Recipients: Thomas Brown, Sarah Burns, Jodi Cailler, 
Brendan Farrell, 

Kerin Ford, Michael Maclnnis, Matthew Sanderson, Jillian 

Lauren St. Cyr 

Stoneham Bank Scholarship 

Recipients: Robert Cole, Casey Hutchinson 
Kent Scholarship Selectman's Awards 

Recipients: Ashley Barrett, Ryan Cantalupo, Lauren Curley, 

Alexander Del Monaco 

Annette M. Miner Memorial Scholarship 

Recipients: Emily Ficarra, Kevin Norman 
Billerica Access Television ~M. Thomas Revane Memorial 

Recipient: Conor McCarron 
Billerica Access Television Scholarship 

Recipients: James Barry, Robyn Robichaud 
Laurie Zawatsky Praia Memorial Scholarship (Class of 1995) 

Recipient: Sarah Quatieri 

EMD Serano Young Scientist Essay Contest 

Recipient: Gary Newcomb 
Lantheus Medical Imaging Inc. Scholarship 

Recipient: Lizelle Comfort 
National Community Service Awards 

Recipient: Conor McCarron 


The Mr. BMHS contestants lit up the stage with their talents in one fun- 
filled night. They showed off swim wear, performed their talents, sang 
songs, and modeled formal wear. To top off the night, each contestant 
answered a question from the judges to earn votes from the audience. At 
the end of the night, Kevin Mahaney was named Mr. BMHS. 

Class Day 

On June 7th, the senior class met up at Cedardale tor a day ot 
tun before graduation. We soaked up the sun, went swimming in 
the pool, and played mini-golt, basketball, and volleyball. Overall, 
we made our last day as BMHS seniors a memorable and 

enjoyable one! 

Below: Sean Dougherty 
makes sure he won't burn 
with plenty of sunscreen! 

Above: Chris Herrick, Steve Pilonjohn Shattuck, Nick Imlach, 
Aaron Pelletier, Joe Bower, Alberto Fernandes, and Josh Amaya 
take a quick break from their basketball game 

Above: Sean Surdam, Jaime 
Breingan, and Billy Frevold 
take a break from all the 


Above: Amy Edwards and 
Derek Rich enjoy their lunch. 

Above: Sarah Erlandson, Allison Membrino, 
/VWia Bonfiglio, and Jillian Gangi hanging 
out by the pool. 

Lefhjenn Carew, Billy Frevold, Marissa Canfield, 
Stephen Hunter, Stephanie Johnson, Stephanie 
Vance, Brigid Forestier, Chris Vaughn, and Stephanie 
Cloutier grab a table 

Below: Ms. Griffin and Ms. Ouesnel play a round of 
mini-golf with Jessica Miller, Raph DaCosta, Derek 
Copson, Stephanie Micalizzi, Wayne Bolz, Samantha 
Stone, James Roth, and Neil Morris 

Nicole Curtis, Alyson Brooks, Jessica Piscatelli, and 
Liz Libro enjoy their lunch in the picnic area. 

1 <-* itv'i> < ii «i 


Above: Sean Reale, Matt Horan, Tyler Moules, Zach 
Creeden, Stephen hunter, and Jake Carmichael play 
volleyball in the pool 

Lefhjodi Cailler and Courtney Dumais having a 
great time at class day. 


Senior Prvm 

Friday June 4, 2010 
Danversport Yacht Club 

Forever young, I 
want to be 
forever young" 


Graduation was the first milestone in many of our lives. It was the end ofouf 

childhood, and everything we have been used to for the past twelve years. 
However, it was also the beginning of our future. Though we were allmgi 
to leave the halls of Billerica Memorial High School , each one of us will 
the memories we all shared together forever. 

Elana Megerian: Class President Lizelle Comfort: Salutatorian Ryan Cantalupo: Co- Valedictorian Caitlin Hill: Co- 

"Today, you have won that 
battle. Together, we have all 
climbed this hill and reached 


"Remember all of the dreams 
and life goals you had as a 
child. You can have any or all 
of those dreams. " 

"Take heart brave warriors! 
For you have conquered the 
greatest tribulations that have 
fought in vain to see the sinking 
of our vessels. " 

"Your character defines yourno% 
than what you do for'ti lisim 
much .money you make 
degrees you. have, wh 
to school, or what i 
you got" 


Knight, Meghan 
Knight, Amanda 
Gillis, and 
Randi Ochab 
take advantage 

of the luau 
themed photo 

Michelle Torpey and 
Danielle Godjikian smile 
as they enjoy the Blast. 

Jennifer Carew and Dan 
Peltier tumble down the 
obstacle course. 


Stephanie Vance and Tyler Moules 
having a great time at the Blast. 


Kevin Robinson takes 
on the mechanical 

Jillian Gangi and 
Maria Bonf iglio 
celebrate their 

Gosia Czerwonka and 
Jake Carmichael race 
on the bungee run 


Derek Rich shows off his 
new temporary tattoo 

Bobby Cole, Derek Cole, 
Hannah Ramos, Neesha 
Suarez, Marisa Marion, Jen 
Carew, Stephan 
Petropoulos, John 
Villafuerte, & Josh Amaya 
pause to take a picture. 

Tayla MacEachern and Ryan 
Hamilton take a break from 
all the activites in the gym. 

Chris Herrick 


Congratulations! We are so 

proud of you and all that 

you have accomplished! 

I This is only the beginning! 

1 We love you very much! 

1 Mom, Dad & Timmy 

rem Marietta 


We are very proud of all you 
have accomplished and we look 
forward to watching you grow 
at Northeastern University. 

Love . 
Mom and Dad, 

Jessica Prongay 

Even though you grew up way too fast, we are very 
proud of you and love you! We have no doubt that your 
future will be filled with success, joy and love. 
Love, Mom, Dad and Daniel 

Kaitlyn Marie Dussi 


From the first day you walked onto the school bus, we 
knew you were destined for great things. From 
academics to athletics, you have always shot for the 
stars. Always keep a positive attitude and remember to 
enjoy life's journey. We are very proud of you and love 
you very much. 

Love, Mom, Dad, Jessica and Danielle 

Emily Anne Ficarra 

May your dreams continue to grow as beautifully as you have. We are so proud of your 
accomplishments and the fine young woman you have become. Your compassion, wisdom, 
and intelligence will enable you to achieve your goal of becoming an Occupational Therapist. 
We wish you the best in pursuing your life goals. We love you always and forever, 

Mom, Dad, Tim, Lynn and Desiree 

"Climb Every Mountain Until You Find Your Dream" 

Ashley Barrett 

Joseph G. Luciano 

Congratulations Joe! 

You have done an outstanding job over the years, especially 
this past one. You are an incredible and very amazing young 

Your strength, determination and drive are wonderful traits 
that will no doubt take you far. I am extremely proud of you 
and I know MOM is too. 

you will continue to shine! D.A.L. 

Colin Moore 


Congratulations! We are so proud 
of all your accomplishments! 
Remember to always keep the 
three F's in your life - FAITH, 
FAMILY, and FRIENDS and you 
will do just great. We know you will 
succeed in whatever you choose to 
do in life. You will always have our 
love and support. 
Just one more thing -- Clean your 

We Love you! 

Mom, Dad, Kimberly & Shannon 

Congrats Class of 2010! 

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99 Cambridge St. Burlington, MA 01803. 781.272.4700 


John Shattuck 

Joseph G. Luciano 

Congratulations Handsome - Great Job!! You know how 
special you are to me-like my own boy-always have 
been, always will be. You have made this family 
extremely proud. I can't believe you're graduating high 
school-blows my mind-you've held your head up and 
dealt with some impossible situations better than most 
people I know. I'm proud to call you my nephew - 1 love 
you with all my heart. I know you will be successful at 
Merrimack and in the years ahead. Love Auntie Doreen 

Special Thanks to 
Dan DeSantis, 

DanDe Photos, 
his contributions 

to the 
2010 Yearbook 
have truly captured 
so many memories 
for a lifetime ! 

We would tike to actqioivkdge those that devoted so 
much time and effort to creating an excellent yearbook 
!Ashky Barrett , Maria 'Bonfylio, Sarah 'Lrlandson 

and^andi OchaS 
C09tQ$&mLM:iO*($ "TfMS^XyOU 

( TO f lH < L2010 

Victoria 'Bennett . Jessica 'Brevilia , Jodi Cailler, Michael Canty, 
Sarah Carew, Megan 'Douglass, Sillie Hourihan, Irene Manetta, 
'Kim McLaughlin , Allison MemSrino, Mellisa Muise, 
Michelle Muise and Shawn Shea 

Melissa & Michelle MuLse 

"Truly great friends are hard to find, 
difficult to leave, and impossible to 

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